Abderhalden's drying pistol

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An empty drying pistol

Abderhalden's drying pistol, or just drying pistol, is a piece of laboratory glassware used to free samples from traces of water, or other volatile impurities. These days, vacuum drying has largely replaced the use of this apparatus.


Abderhalden's drying pistol consists of two pieces:

  • A jacketed tube flask, with a main female ground glass joint and two smaller ones on opposite sides, one male and another female. The wet material is added here.
  • A bent pear-shaped Schlenk flask with a gas stopcock tube which goes in the same direction as the ground glass joint. This is where the desiccator is placed.

When assembled, the apparatus is similar in appearance to a handgun, hence its name.


To be added

Doug's Lab has made a tutorial, as has Tom's lab.


Abderhalden's drying pistol can be purchased from lab suppliers, or online from eBay and Amazon.

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