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Bottle top dispenser or bottle top media dispenser, also called lab dispensers or lab dispensers, are lab devices used to deliver precise volumes of liquid from a bottle, similar in operation with an automatic burette, only it delivers more exact volumes.


A bottle top media dispensers involves a piston on a plunger which is pushed down against a spring: as the spring pushes the piston back into its original position, it draws the medium up from a reservoir underneath. When pushed down again, plunger infuses the medium out the dispenser tip. The bottle top dispenser has no gaskets or seals. There are two types of dispensers: mechanical and electronic.

The bottle top media dispenser is limited in the total amount of medium it can dispense before the source bottle requires a refill, making it convenient for small applications, but less so for larger. They are also more difficult to calibrate than pipettes.

How to operate a laboratory dispenser

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Bottle top dispensers are sold by lab suppliers.


  • Deliver precise volumes of liquids/solutions


Make sure to clean them properly.

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