Conflicts Involving Amateur Chemistry

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This article presents the most common issues that involve the hobby chemistry community.

Conflicts one may face while engaging in Amateur Chemistry


Many among the ScienceMadness community can attest to the increasingly unfairness and relentlessness of the recent ways of the algorithm and bots YouTube has enacted. Users such as Tdep, chemplayer, NileRed, and many more have had legitimate videos that have been flagged down and marked as "Unsafe for the Community," and therefore, not ad friendly. Some even had their entire channel removed due to this. It seems that certain large channels have been allowed to continue to profit from and upload highly dangerous procedures, which further displays the discrimination, ignorance, and chemophobia against the community. This has been detrimental to the community, and is generally despised.


Another difficulty that may prevent some from participating in both the community and the chemistry is whether the activities may be legal, or may be perceived as dangerous in one's country or area. Certain reagents maybe be banned in various countries, and attempting to purchase or research such materials may cause respective authorities to intervene.[1]



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