Conical rubber seal

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Guko rubber gaskets of different sizes

A conical rubber seal or rubber gasket is a conic seal made of rubber, used in vacuum filtration to act as sealant when creating vacuum in the filter flask.

The most common type of rubber seal is called GuKo gasket (or Guko, GUKO).


Conical rubber seals are, as their name suggests, cone-shaped objects made of rubber (natural or silicone). They are available in different sizes, which allows them to be used for all types of flasks with a circular opening capable of handling vacuum.


Conical rubber seals are sold by lab suppliers, as 5, 6, 7 or 8-piece set.

Lower quality rubber seals can be bought from hardware stores, found in the winemaking and gardening section. Measure the seals before you purchase them.

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