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Cryohol is a coolant for cooling baths, which can be easily made at home from readily available components and allows cooling down to -78 degrees Celsius. It is a mixture of ethanol and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide).


To make cryohol, you need ethanol and a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Any grade of ethanol will do, even denaturated or "meths". To obtain dry ice, release the pressure in the fire extinguisher while its exhaust tube is clogged by cloth; dry ice will accumulate on the cloth. Mix the components to obtain cryohol.

Acetone can be used to replace ethanol.


Cryohol can be used to liquefy several gases, such as chlorine, ammonia, sulfur dioxide. It can also be used as a cheap substitute for liquid nitrogen in many kewl experiments such as casting a hammer from mercury, shattering fruits and flowers.


Long-term storage of cryohol is not advised. It can be preserved up to a day or two in a thermos flask. It releases carbon dioxide gas, so make sure not to stopper the flask completely.


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