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A pipette pump or piston pipette pump, is a type of manually operated air pump, used to draw and release liquids in a pipette.


A pipette pump consists of a plastic cylinder, with a piston manipulated using a gear, and a plastic adapter/cone on the other side, where a volumetric or graduated pipette is attached. More often than not, they also have a side clip, allowing them to be attached to various supports, which gives them a pen-like shape.

Other models have a side handle grip, where the piston with the gear are positioned.


Pipette pumps are easy to fill/release, and this operation can be done with a single hand, easily.

Compared to rubber bulbs or other similar air pumps, piston pipettes don't draw liquids as fast. Likewise, most models lack a rubber seal in the plastic adapter, and therefor do not offer a good seal as the pipette rubber bulbs.


Pipette pumps can be bought from lab suppliers or online. Price depends on the brand.

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