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RogueSci ( or The Explosives and Weapons Forum was a chemistry discussion board known for its controversial and down right insane and unsafe experimentation with explosive materials, weapons and toxic compounds. As such the board has gotten a bad reputation, fueled by legal problems of some of its members as well as some of their deaths.

Short history

RogueSci was created back in 1998. At its peak, the site reached at least 100,000 unique visitors. Site owner was Jack Diamond (Megalomania). After experiencing several black-outs in 2002, 2004, 2008, the site was closed for good in 2009.

Some of the most (in)famous activities involves synthesizing huge amounts of unstable explosives, such as kilogram quantities of acetone peroxide, HMTD, detonation of multi-kilogram quantities of fertilizer-based explosives, explosive booby traps, discussions about synthesizing nerve agents, EMP devices, various psychoactive substances, etc.

At least two individuals who were later involved in bomb explosions, (Petri Gerdt and an alleged 15-year old Swedish teen) were known to have registered on the forum.

RogueSci was mentioned on an episode of Unscrewed with Martin Sargent which aired on G4techTV (later G4).[1]

Useful data for amateur chemists

A small but significant portion of the forum was also dedicated to more "harmless" chemistry, such as:

  • Extraction of various reagents from OTC products (citric acid e.g.)
  • Megalomania's synthesis of pentaerythritol
  • An entire subforum dedicated to the production of nitric acid
  • Preparation of various pharmaceuticals
  • Synthesis of many chemical precursors

A few former members are currently on the Sciencemadness board, though most are inactive.

A partial archive can be found here and here. An archive on Wayback Machine can be found here.



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