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A Schlenk frit (or Schlenk-frit) is a type of fritted glass filter funnel used to filter air sensitive compounds.

This type of lab glassware is called many other names, such as Schlenk filter tube, filter stick, sintered filter stick, fritted filter stick, filter tube fritted disc, double-ended fritted filter, sintered glass filter tube, etc.


The Schlenk frit consists of a cylindrical tube with a fritted glass disc, either in the middle of the tube or close to one of the ends. The glassware has two male ground glass joints at both ends. One or two gas inlet adapters with glass or PTFE stopcock are positioned in the space between the ground glass joints and the fritted glass. Some models only have one gas inlet adapter, while others have a connecting tube which connects the two frit chambers.

How to use a Schlenk frit

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Schlenk frits can be bought from lab suppliers or online. They are not very cheap.


  • Filter air-sensitive compounds

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