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Scoopula is a brand name of a spatula-like scoop utensil used primarily in chemistry lab settings to transfer solids.


Scoopulas resemble a tube cut in half horizontally, with one end sharpened and rounded. They are often made of metal, like stainless steel, though plastic versions are also used, as they're cheaper and do not rust. Some scoopulas come with a handle.


Scoopulas can be bought from lab suppliers or online.

DIY scoopula

One type of tool used in jewelry making and repair resembles a scoopula. It is available at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents. Various spoon-like plastic-ware from ice-cream shops may serve well as replacement scoopulas.

Small scoopulas may be made from straws or pipes with L-shaped cuts at their ends.

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