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This is supposed to be a rather complete list of chemistry channels on YouTube. Since YouTube changes, this list may be out of date. (Last update: 08.01.2020)
This is supposed to be a rather complete list of chemistry channels on YouTube. Since YouTube changes, this list may be out of date. (Last update: 15.01.2020)
See also [[Chemistry Diamonds on Youtube]] and [[Chemistry around the internet]].
See also [[Chemistry Diamonds on Youtube]] and [[Chemistry around the internet]].
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|Inorganic, organic
|Inorganic, organic
|Showcase of exotic and violent reactions
|Showcase of exotic and violent reactions
|[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOoJzNPCr9cWfL3Ryop923w Chemify]

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This is supposed to be a rather complete list of chemistry channels on YouTube. Since YouTube changes, this list may be out of date. (Last update: 15.01.2020)

See also Chemistry Diamonds on Youtube and Chemistry around the internet.

In the table below the terms under "status" refer to the following things:

  • Active - There was an recent upload or a new upload is expected in the near future
  • Inactive - The uploader has retired from making videos on this channel
  • Unknown - Due to irregular upload schedule and lack of information it is hard to tell if there will be new uploads
  • Deleted - The channel doesn't exist anymore due to personal or legal issues with YouTube
Name Status Focus Notes
12thealchemist Active Inorganic
18thTimeLucky - Amateur Experimentalism Unknown Inorganic Few videos
2 AM Productions Unknown Inorganic
99Chemicals Unknown Inorganic
Adumbrate Active Inorganic, energetics
African Pyro Unknown Energetics
aga Active Organic New uploads don't seem chem related
AHW214 Unknown Inorganic Possibly no longer active in chemistry
Akhil the Chemist Unknown Inorganic
AlchemicalGarden Deleted Inorganic Backup available on archive.org
AlChemicalLife Active Inorganic, organic Newer uploads not related to chemistry
Alexander Demidov Unknown Energetics Few videos
AllChemystery Unknown Energetics, inorganic, organic See also vimeo channel and bitchute
AMchemistry Unknown Inorganic
Androl Unknown Pyro Few videos
Andy Elliott Craft & Creations Unknown Inorganic No longer active in chemistry
antiswattt3 Deleted Energetics Not aware of backups
Applied Science Active General science Not specifically chemistry
Artisan-man Unknown Inorganic, organic
Astral Chemistry Active Organic, inorganic
Aussie Chemist Active Inorganic
BackMacSci Unknown Inorganic
Basco36 Unknown Inorganic, energetics
BasementBiotech Active Biochemistry
bdbdbd Active Organic, inorganic, energetics Mostly short clips from university, dutch
Because We Can- The Channel Active General chemistry, inorganic, organic New uploads seemingly not chem related
Beauty of Science Active Inorganic Visually focused videos in high quality
BerkeleyChemDemos Active Inorganic, general chemistry Focus on showcasing reactions
Bong Chemistry Active General chemistry, organic Focus on theory
boomboom314159 Unknown Energetics
Brad Sieve Unknown General chemistry
Brain&Force Active Inorganic
Brainiac75 Active General science Lasers, elements in magnetic fields
Bunsen Burns Active Inorganic Visually focused
Bunsen Burns' Bonus Videos Unknown Inorganic
ButteScience Unknown General chemistry Videos from university
Cannagorilla Canna Active Inorganic, energetics bitchute channel but seemingly abandoned
Centanide Active Pyro Only few videos
Cerealkiffer Unknown Energetics
Chaoschemiker Unknown Inorganic
Charlie Hames Unknown Inorganic, energetics
Chem Explorer Unknown Inorganic
Chem Player Deleted General chemistry chemplayer on bitchute and archive.org backup
Chem TV Active Inorganic German
chem2050 Unknown Organic Videos from university
ChemExperimentalist Unknown Inorganic
Chemiday com Active Inorganic, general chemistry Russian
ChemPics Unknown Inorganic
Chemical Engineer Active General chemistry
Chemical Mishaps Active Inorganic
ChemicalForce Active Inorganic, organic Showcase of exotic and violent reactions
Chemify Active Inorganic
Chemist by Destiny Unknown General chemistry
Chemistree Active Theoretical, inorganic
Chemistry Active Inorganic
Chemistry.Fun Unknown Inorganic
chemistry858 Deleted Inorganic, energetics Archive available on archive.org
Chemistry 4all Unknown Organic
Chemistry Lab Active Inorganic, organic
ChemistryFritti_ Active Inorganic, organic German
chemlabchemistry Unknown Inorganic
ChemPracs Unknown Inorganic
ChemSurvival Unknown General chemistry Lots of theory
ChemToddler Unknown Inorganic, organic, general chemistry
ChemVlog.pl Unknown Inorganic Polish
chemx01 Unknown Organic, inorganic
CobaltChloride Active Inorganic, organic
Cody'sBLab Active General science
Cody'sLab Active Inorganic, organic, general science
College Chemistry Unknown Inorganic, organic
Colorful Chemistry Active Inorganic Focus on specific reactions, esp. those which involve color changes
Corrosive Chemistry Active Inorganic, organic, organometallic
CrEaTiVePyroScience Deleted Energetics Archive available on archive.org
Cu SO4 Unknown General chemistry Chinese, few videos

Darian Ballard Active Energetics Videos moved away from YouTube onto different platforms like bitchute
Dark Hydrogen Unknown Inorganic Few videos
David Robertson Active General chemistry
DBX Labs Active Energetics
der_Hobbychemiker Active General chemistry German
dersitis33 Active Pyro
DIY bama Active Inorganic Focused on simple DIY projects
Doc. Pyro Unknown Pyro, energetics German
Dornier335A Deleted Energetics Showcasing of novel flash powders and energetics, archive.org backup, might be incomplete.
Doug's Lab Unknown Organic, inorganic
Douglas Franz Unknown Inorganic
doyale Active Inorganic, organic
eku_chem_lab Active Organic, inorganic Lots of theory, videos from university
Elch Science Deleted Inorganic Unaware of backups
ElementalMaker Active Inorganic Also electronics and engineering
Elementensammler42 Unknown Inorganic, organic, energetics German
elementguy27 Unknown Inorganic
Elements of Universe Inactive General chemistry German, moved to The chemical Preperator
Elijah Dunn Unknown Inorganic, energetics
endimion17 Unknown Inorganic
Energetcs Tests Active Energetics
EnTroPy Active General chemistry
Explo Sci Unknown Energetics
Explosions&Fire Deleted Energetics, inorganic, organic Now on Explosions&Fire2
Explosions&Fire2 Active Energetics, inorganic, organic New channel since old one got deleted. Backups exist, see the official backup on bitchute. Also r/ExplosionsAndFire and Explosions&Fire on vimeo. Official playlist of some old videos.
Explosiopedia Deleted Energetics Used to exist on vimeo but also deleted there. Backup on archive.org.
Extractions&Ire Active Energetics, inorganic, organic Second channel to Explosions&Fire, longer videos
Extreme Red Cabbage Unknown Inorganic
Feed Me Unknown Energetics
Feli N Unknown General chemistry German
Firehoax Active Energetics Also shitposts
FluoroPunch Active General chemistry
Frankium Unknown Inorganic
FranklyChemistry Unknown Theory
Full Modern Alchemist Active Organic
Gary Carone Unknown Inorganic, pyro
gogo311 Unknown Energetics, general chemistry
Gyzmodium Unknown Inorganic, organic
h68 Active Inorganic Few videos
H.E Master Active Inorganic, pyro
Hazel Chem Active Organic, general chemistry Also on bitchute
Hegelrast Unknown Inorganic
HexoMethyl Unknown Inorganic Few videos
Himikus500 химический канал Active Organic, inorganic, general chemistry Russian
hkparker Unknown Inorganic
infinifluxatron Unknown Energetics Few videos
Jackson Porter Active General chemistry Few videos
Jan Ulrich-Josef-Liefers Unknown General chemistry Focus on showcasing
JBSC Unknown Organic, inorganic
jdet123 Unknown Energetics
Jeremy Wolf Unknown Inorganic
JGS Feuchtwangen Active Inorganic, general chemistry German, focus on showcasing
Jill Robinson Unknown Inorganic
Joe Black Active General chemistry Focus on showcasing
katalofuromai Unknown Inorganic, organic, energetics
Kie_gb Unknown Organic Few videos
Kimiajawi Unknown Energetics
koen2all Active Inorganic
Kristof Hegedüs Unknown General chemistry, organic Focus on the visuals of reactions
Lab Lulz Active Inorganic
Laboratory of Liptakov Active Energetics Novel energetic materials, see also Liptakov on bitchute
LaFFle Unknown Organic, inorganic
Laurie - Blogues à part chimie Unknown Inorganic French, few videos
LifeOfSi Unknown General chemistry Few videos
LiFeUP 331 Unknown Organic, inorganic Russian
Louise Bell Unknown Inorganic Only few videos
mabakken Unknown Inorganic, organic
mailinmypocket Unknown Organic Few videos
Matt Nicoll Unknown Theoretical
MEL Chemistry Active Inorganic
mewrox99 Unknown Inorganic, organic, pyro Not only chemistry, also lasers, math and programming
Mowskii Active Inorganic
mrhomescientist Active Inorganic
MrItsthething Unknown Organic, inorganic
Mr.Microcuries Unknown Radiochemistry Focus rather on physics
multipyrodude Unknown Energetics
Myfanwy94 Inactive Energetics, general chemistry Dead, suspected due to phosgene, see Myfanwy, Kewls and Phosgene
MyLittleChemistryLab Unknown Inorganic
myst32YT Inactive General chemistry Very useful tips for home chemistry, inactivity due to legal reasons (although no clear information is present)
Neptunium Active Radiochemistry
NI2 Active Organic Focus on visuals, very high quality videos
NightHawkInLight Active General science
NileBlue Active General chemistry Second channel of NileRed
NileRed Active General chemistry Very big channel, high quality videos. Archive.org backup of some old deleted videos.
NinjaChemist Inactive Energetics Focus on special effects, quit Youtube due to problems with guideline violations. Vimeo channel, seemingly abandoned
njstaticuser Unknown Energetics
nuclearrabbit Unknown Energetics Links also to this photobucket
NurdRage Active Organic, inorganic, general chemistry Novel research and high quality videos
Nux,s Channel Active Organic, inorganic
OKULT26 Unknown Organic Few videos
Oliver's Complexes Active Inorganic Large focus on complexes
org active Unknown Organic Few videos
OrganoLeptic Unknown Organic Few videos
Ormarion Actice Energetics French
OwnChemics Unknown Inorganic German
ParadoxChem126 Unknown Organic
Partial Science Unknown General science Few videos
Periodic Videos Active General chemistry High quality informational videos with actual experts
Pat Wastie Unknown Organic Short videos with undescriptive titles
Piperliam Active Inorganic, general chemistry Does also math related to chemistry
piranha031091 Unknown General chemistry
PoorMans Chemist Active Inorganic Website, PoorMans Chemist on minds and PoorMans Chemist on bitchute
PR840 Unknown Inorganic German
Praktikum Anorganische Chemie Unknown General chemistry German
PrettyChill Chemistry Unknown General chemistry Very visually appealing
Propyropower Unknown Pyro
Puddin Active Inorganic Minerals and ores
PyroReloaded Unknown Energetics
Rador Labs Unknown Inorganic, organic
Random Experiments - Experimente und Synthesen Unknown General chemistry German channel of Random Experiments Int. - Experiments and syntheses
Random Experiments Int. - Experiments and syntheses Unknown General chemistry English channel of Random Experiments - Experimente und Synthesen
Random Science Active General chemistry
reactionchamber Active General chemistry
ReactionFactory Unknown Inorganic, organic, energetics
ReactiveChem Active Energetics
Rhodanide Active Inorganic, energetics High quality videos, often exotic or unusual reactions
rocket tests Active Pyro
Rogers Nuclear Active Radiochemistry
RUSCHIMIK Канал о химии Active Organic Russian
ShadowOfChemistry Unknown Inorganic Few videos
Shiva Chemist Active Inorganic, organic Focus on properties of chemicals, very informative
Si da sci guy inc Active Pyro
SimplyChem Unknown Inorganic, pyro Also electronics
soft det Unknown Energetics
styropyro Active General science Laser and electronic focused
sum_lab Active General chemistry
TDC Active Organic Legality questionable
Team Savittski Unknown Inorganic Few videos
tetrazolelover Active Energetics Novel and exotic energetics, website
Texium Unknown Inorganic, organic Few videos
tGhIeNrGmEiRte Active Energetics
The Canadian Chemist Active Inorganic, organic
The chemical Preperator Active General chemistry German
The Chemical Workshop Unknown General chemistry
The Gayest Person on YouTube Active Energetics, inorganic, organic Known for exotic thermite series
The Plutonium Bunny Unknown Energetics, general chemistry
The Science Pirate Active Inorganic, energetics Not only chemistry related content
The Thought Emporium Active General science High quality of production
TheBackyardScientist Active General science Not primarly chemistry focused
theChaotiChemist Unknown Energetics, inorganic
TheChemiKid Unknown Inorganic, energetics, organic
TheChemistryShack Unknown General chemistry
TheHomeScientist Unknown Inorganic, general chemistry Useful tips
TheMrbunGee Active Energetics, inorganic
ThirstForScience Unknown General chemistry Focus on showcasing
Thoisoi2 - Chemical Experiments! Active Inorganic Focused on elements and their properties
Thor's Lab Active Organic
Tine Willis Unknown Inorganic, organic Short videos
Tom's Lab Active Organic
toothpick993 Unknown Inorganic, pyro
Torch Chem Active Organic
TrollFaceTheMan Active Pyro Known for chlorate tests, not primarely chemistry focused
UC235 Unknown Organic
UChem Active Organic
user21XXL Unknown Energetics
Unpaired Electron Active Inorganic
vibzz lab Active Inorganic, organic
videodemolitions Unknown Energetics Focus on the detonation or combustion of (exotic) energetic materials, very short videos
vvideoupl Unknown Energetics
Walter Perry Unknown Inorganic
weiming1998 Unknown Inorganic, energetics, organic
Welch Lab Chemistry Unknown Organic Few videos
Wesson Smith Jr. Active Energetics Wesson Smith Jr. on bitchute
Wisconsin Mrsec Unknown General chemistry Focus on theory and nano particles
WissensFreak Active Inorganic, general chemistry German
Xfactor Chem Unknown Energetics
xiaohang yu Active Energetics
XxEdrickxX Unknown Organic Few videos, seemingly just a rip from NileRed
ytmachx Unknown Organic, inorganic
Ze Laboratorium Unknown General chemistry, energetics
zhmapper Unknown General chemistry Likely old channel of Dougs Lab
À fond les ballons Active Organic, inorganic, general chemistry French
Химия и Химики Сhemistry-Сhemists Active General chemistry, energetics Interesting and concise videos