Short-path distillation apparatus

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A short-path distillation apparatus used to distill phenol

A short-path distillation apparatus is a special type of distillation apparatus, used to distill compounds with a high boiling point, usually under vacuum, when the distillate travels a short distance, often only a few centimeters. It is often used with a cow adapter, though for distilling a single compound, this is not necessary.


The apparatus consists of a T-shaped borosilicate glass tube with a lower curved glass tube with male ground glass joint which is connected to a round-bottom flask, an upper female joint for the thermometer and the main body which has a short straight condenser, a vacuum hose adapter and a long thin tube, where the distillate flows into the receiving flask or in a cow adapter, which transfers it to other flasks.

Short-path distillation apparatuses are often used to distill compounds with a high boiling point or purify compounds that oxidize during the distillation or may decompose during heating below their boiling point at atmospheric pressure, such as phenol or benzaldehyde, which usually have high boiling point as well.


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You can buy the short-path distillation apparatus from lab suppliers or online, though it's not quite cheap.

While not a necessity, it's a good idea to buy a cow adapter with the short-path distillation apparatus, as it may be useful when distilling mixtures of liquids.


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