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OH- Cl- NO3- SO42- PO43- CO32- F- Br- I- SO32- ClO- ClO3- ClO4- S2- O22- MnO4- CrO42- FeO42- SiO32- CH3COO- C17H35COO-
H+ W S S S S H S S S H H S S L S H S N I S I
Na+ S S S S S S S S

K+ S S S S S S S S

Li+ S S S S S S I
Rb+ S S S S I

Cs+ S S S S S
NH4+ Sh S S S N
Mg2+ I S S S H
Ca2+ L S S I I
Sr2+ S S S I I
Ba2+ S S S I I
Al3+ I Sh Sh Sh
Fe2+ I S S S N
Fe3+ I Sh S S N
Cu+ N I N
Cu2+ I S S S N
Ag+ N I S L I
HCO(NH2)2+ N Sh L S N


  • S - readily soluble
  • L - low solubility, slightly soluble
  • I - very low solubility, insoluble or near insoluble
  • h - hydrolyzes reversibly
  • H - hydrolyzes irreversibly or decomposes
  • N - does not exist or is unknown
  • W - water