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Various types of metal tweezers.

Tweezers are small tools used for picking up small sized objects, than cannot be easily or safely handled with the bare human fingers.


Tweezers consists of two (relative) flat rods jointed at one end, with the opposite ends being designed to hold small items. Tweezers are often made of metal (stainless steel most often than not), plastic or even wood.

Scissor handle tweezers are a type of tweezers that, as their name suggests, have scissors-like shape, except that instead of blades, they have flat jaws.


Tweezers and scissor handle tweezers can be found in most beauty shops, as well as various hardware stores. They are made of hypoallergenic (surgical grade) stainless steel.

Plastic and wooden tweezers can be purchased from many hardware stores, as well as some electronics shops.

Medical and lab suppliers sell many types of tweezers.

DIY tweezers

You can easily make some tweezers by taking two flat pieces of metal, bending them a bit and welding or gluing them at one end.

If you're extremely lazy, chopsticks are an acceptable alternative.


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