Book Project Progress

Wanted Pictures:

Please, post only content that you yourself have procured or another close friend from whom you can get permission, this book is intended as an original project of our board, as such I don't think we'll get a picture of fluorine.  Never the less, even though I ask for these pictures, something may meet the criteria of the picture I am requesting but it should also be visually appealing, I mean, when I ask for a picture of an aqueous electrolysis, technically electrolysis of water with something in there to make it conductive works, hydrogen and oxygen gas bubbling from the anode and cathode areas, however it would be better to have something there with color, with flair, the normal electrolysis of NaCl with phenylphaline added works well, the pink color coming up form the cathode, there are other electrodes too (nickel or iron) that would go into solution and change its color. Just keep in mind these pictures should look neat when you set them up or dig the pictures out of your archives.


Main Picture for Book Project (someone want to design one)

Someone who has lots of glassware could you take new/better pictures of common glassware and components for distillation?

Picture of something in soda-lime glass heated on a hotplate that shattered from it.

Picture of apparatus (such as gas washing line) constructed from OTC soda-lime glass jars and such

Picture of fused silica crucible and or a picture of lead glass

Picture of a copper condenser/distilling apparatus

Nice picture of a distillation apparatus with all components clear (still head, vacuum adaptor, claisen adaptor, thermometer bulb where it should be, etc.)

Picture of how filter paper should be folded

Picture of filter paper folded into fluted pattern

Pictures of different filter paper types

Picture of gravity filtration apparatus setup using a cotton plug for filtering

Pictures of molten salt electrolysis

Pictures of aqueous electrolysis

Picture of a titration in action, preferably with a nice color indicator and a burette

Pictures of different thermometers (mercury, alcohol, thermocouples, infrared, etc.)

Picture of a U-Tube

Picture of drying agents in liquids, it would be nice for it to be a drying agent that changes color like CuSO4 in EtOH

Picture of a salt coming out of solution forming beautiful plates that are rainbow colored

Picture of an improvised Balance

Pictures of different acids dissolving different metals

Interesting pictures involving bases

Pictures of reducing / oxidizing agents in action

Pictures or rendering of different symbols to show a poisonous substance.

Pictures showing flammability of different transition metals when finally divided

Pictures of fluorine, chlorine, and especially iodine of which I have none

Pictures of Cesium and Rubidium?

Remake pictures for gas generation apparatuses, maybe in real life, maybe in photoshop

Interesting pictures showing gasses and their properties, gasses that should be shown are Acetylene, air, ammonia, arsine, butane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, chlorine dioxide, diborane, ethylene, hydrogen, hydrogen halides, hydrogen sulfide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, nitrous oxide, Neon-Argon-Helium-Krypton, Oxygen, Ozone, Phosgene, Phosphine, Propane, Silane, Sulfur dioxide, Xenon

Pictures concerning disposal of chemical wastes

Pictures showing furnaces, high temperature object and other neat things about working at high temperatures, welding gloves etc.

Catalyst tube pictures

Solvent/Solvent extraction pictures

Pictures of a positive test for peroxides using KI

Pictures of elements, every element is covered in the index and if you have a good picture of any of them send it on over!