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What was your first organic chem experiment?
... ne extraction (done chromatography alot). Lactose looks interesting so will do that at the weekend. piperine i would do but seems i have a bit of an allergy to pepper.

At some point I want to do a ...
10-10-2017 at 07:11
by: NEMO-Chemistry
strangely smelling pepper compound?
piperine is a Michael acceptor. In the presence of acetone and NaOH, it forms addition products. The ...
21-4-2017 at 11:05
by: clearly_not_atara
Chemicals that are expensive to buy but easy to make
... nd, you want high temperature, high resistance kiln wire, can produce acetic anhydride i think?)

piperine, but very high risk reaction using sodium metal, cant recall procedure but its quite expens ...
5-4-2017 at 10:22
by: Antiswat
Need ideas!
... ields from piperic acid to piperonal is quite low - just specifically oxidise to piperonylic acid - piperine from Pepper - piperine to Piperic acid - Piperic acid to piperonylic acid - not to Piperona ...
25-12-2016 at 04:21
by: fastbre4k
stork reaction amine alternatives?
Not really a lot out there on lab technique for acid hydrolysis, although Chemplayer's vid on piperine to Piperidine was really informative and seems applicable, just vice-versa from what I want ...
1-12-2016 at 23:05
by: paraguay
Help w/ piperine
Good afternoon everyone.
I attempted to make piperine using ChemPlayer's method with Isopropyl alcohol. It worked, yes, but the current location ...
16-8-2016 at 08:21
by: Rhodanide
Black Pepper Extraction results!
... who can provide accurate OD measurement but otherwise have no clue. Neither type were used with my piperine extractions in ...
3-7-2016 at 12:43
by: NEMO-Chemistry
Slightly unusal crystals
... lectric bill ;).

If anyone has some plant based crystal suggestions for me I would be grateful. piperine springs to mind as well.

I will post my chosen ones here as I think of them and post the ...
30-5-2016 at 09:01
by: NEMO-Chemistry
can piperine be distilled under vacuum??
[rquote=398751&tid=61937&author=UltraHazardous]Can piperine be distilled under high vacuum? it decomposes before boiling at regular pressures according ...
27-3-2015 at 16:53
by: BromicAcid
CWE of Piperidine
I was able to extract [i]piperine[/i] from black pepper here using refluxing isopropyl and a bit of workup.

[url=http://ww ...
13-1-2015 at 15:40
by: Bot0nist
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