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Disappearance of nitroethane
Yeah, it would be MUCH more entertaining to soak it into some ammonium nitrate and detonate it, if y ...
15-6-2018 at 07:36
by: Bert
Disappearance of nitroethane
Your Morbidmule account is turned on for posting and U2U.

15-6-2018 at 07:19
by: Bert
Lost Password
You could U2U an admin and tell him the email address you used to start the old account.

[Edited on ...
14-6-2018 at 04:13
by: Bert
Another potential phthalate source?
[url=]Plasticizers- You want plasticizers?[/url]

[file]68804[ ...
13-6-2018 at 10:32
by: Bert
The Answer Is Deodorant

[quote]In the period of which we speak, ther ...
12-6-2018 at 19:03
by: Bert
FREE chemicals
Two 50 lb. bags of lab grade Potassium chlorate.

8 gallons of Rooto sulfuric acid.

15 gallons ...
12-6-2018 at 17:42
by: Bert
Extraction of potassium chlorate from old weedkiller
Sodium chlorate is soluble in methanol around 52g per 100g of methanol @ 25C.

Sodium chloride is ...
12-6-2018 at 17:34
by: Bert
Do we have a secret forum called "Lavatory"?
Aga suggests the post should go in the secret forum oubliette.

Now that you have heard of both t ...
12-6-2018 at 14:09
by: Bert
Iodine substituted flmodafinil
After a brief look at the modafinil analogues, claimed effective dossage, anecdotal evidence on effe ...
12-6-2018 at 08:23
by: Bert
The Answer Is Deodorant
11-6-2018 at 05:19
by: Bert
That took 30 seconds...
I have never made this. Don't need smoke too often- But:
This Terephthalic Acid is very fi ...
9-6-2018 at 02:43
by: Bert
Extracting Hexamine/trioxane from fuel tablets + Discord Server For SCM
Its been 1 person ever after the firs ...
8-6-2018 at 02:43
by: Bert
temp probes for thermoSci and IKA hotplates
He hasn't signed in since 6/2, but others might be interested-

Me, when I get the time!
5-6-2018 at 11:27
by: Bert
Extracting Hexamine/trioxane from fuel tablets + Discord Server For SCM

Dubai Amateur Rocketry account was formerly used by several people. How many individual ...
4-6-2018 at 13:45
by: Bert
temp probes for thermoSci and IKA hotplates
(I'm going to take your request for a bespoke workplace theft as a joke. Because, site policy.)

F ...
4-6-2018 at 09:42
by: Bert
Cant access SM??
[rquote=80582&tid=7067&author=Polverone]I think the server this site is on is loaded too hea ...
3-6-2018 at 10:33
by: Bert
Synthesis of Hexane from Cellulose/Glucose
I have a gallon can of "Bestine Rubber Cement Reducer". It is a technical grade of n-heptane.

Lo ...
2-6-2018 at 22:48
by: Bert
Poly-Azido-Prene from Neoprene

Crosslinking = vulcanization, adding other monomers is copolymerization.

Sulfur and heat is ...
30-5-2018 at 03:46
by: Bert
Robo challenge event: 2D pattern matching needed
You are going to teach robots [url=]celestial navigation?[/url]

How a ...
30-5-2018 at 03:16
by: Bert
Diamino-Urea Dinitrate
Got more than a link to an abstract?
29-5-2018 at 21:51
by: Bert
high energy ball mill? are they legit?
They exist. They work. The parameters for speeds of carrier disk and the individual counter rotating ...
29-5-2018 at 10:32
by: Bert
Help coding insecticide synth in video game.

Carbon Monoxide would.

Dips in the landscape surrounding bubbling volcanoes tend to co ...
29-5-2018 at 09:19
by: Bert
My brain thinks you're all bad
This whole thing is like when a child acts up because even punishment is better than being ignored.
29-5-2018 at 08:53
by: Bert
OK, Life, the Universe and Everything. 42.
Look at your life and see your own attitude is all that matters.

Effectively, for any of us, our ...
28-5-2018 at 19:22
by: Bert
Good sources of cerium
[url= ...
27-5-2018 at 20:08
by: Bert
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