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Optimizing Henry reaction conditions (substituted benzaldehydes + nitromethane)
Nope. The way azeotropes work is by having a lower ...
13-11-2018 at 15:31
by: Cactuar
My organic molecule is in the ethyl acetate, how to dry it before precipitating?
Do not put drying agents in wet EtOAc, it contains roughly 8 % water. First shake it with brine and ...
1-10-2018 at 14:51
by: Cactuar
Help with azeotrope
How does your fractional distillation set up look like? How long is the column and what is it packed ...
30-9-2018 at 15:21
by: Cactuar
purification of 2,6-dichloropyridine-4-carboxilic acid
Maybe (if you work fast) you could wash the methyl esters with alkaline water (~pH 10). Then the mon ...
28-7-2014 at 04:14
by: Cactuar
Synthesis of amino acid chlorides
[rquote=339564&tid=31983&author=Chemosynthesis]Never done it myself, but I have mostly seen ...
27-7-2014 at 15:51
by: Cactuar
Synthesis of amino acid chlorides
Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I know how to make the acid chloride, what I want to know is what pr ...
25-7-2014 at 12:06
by: Cactuar
Synthesis of amino acid chlorides
Hi! First post here!

I have studied organic chemistry but my knowledge of peptide synthesis is ve ...
25-7-2014 at 10:54
by: Cactuar

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