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What is white spirit?
White spirit(UK)=mineral spirits(US)=aliphatic hydrocarbons with BP between around 150-250C

Shell ...
19-2-2021 at 16:46
by: Deathunter88
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate to Sodium Nitrate to Nitric Acid
15.5-0-0 is pure calcium nitrate. Calcium ammonium nitrate is usually a mix of ammonium nitrate and ...
23-1-2021 at 16:40
by: Deathunter88
Sulphuric acid
[rquote=652887&tid=156876&author=macckone]agree with outer_limits, it depends on the reactio ...
10-1-2021 at 17:15
by: Deathunter88
Removal of caked on MnO2 from round bottom flask?
[rquote=651716&tid=156773&author=DraconicAcid][rquote=651714&tid=156773&author=wg48t ...
19-12-2020 at 23:37
by: Deathunter88
Need help finding a non flammable low temp boiling liquid
Just use a normal freezer.
19-12-2020 at 17:47
by: Deathunter88
Loudwolf “Sodium Thiosulfate, anhydrous”: WHAT IS IT?!
Nothing wrong with it. 43C is for the pentahydrate, you have the anhydrous version which melts with ...
12-12-2020 at 06:06
by: Deathunter88
Resistance of PVC tubing to common ether vapors
I disagree with macckone. By the time any vapors get to the duct it should be sufficiently dilute to ...
29-11-2020 at 21:43
by: Deathunter88
Do not keep illegal drugs for personal use in your house, if you do chemistry as a hobby
No shit.
27-11-2020 at 14:25
by: Deathunter88
5-atz purchase in the US? Would authorities care?
Mixing binary components together constitutes manufacturing explosives. Persons manufacturing explos ...
26-11-2020 at 18:12
by: Deathunter88
Are hexane and petroleum ether interchangeable?
Don't buy solvents on Amazon, period. Overpriced and not representative of true prices. Coleman fuel ...
19-11-2020 at 06:53
by: Deathunter88
HELP w/ diagnosis/treatment of skin condition
When did we become a forum for providing free medical diagnosis???
Not only does it set a bad prec ...
30-10-2020 at 03:57
by: Deathunter88
Platinum Laboratory Services
[rquote=646704&tid=156234&author=Chemetix]Let me tell you a tale of two stuck joints. On the ...
17-10-2020 at 20:31
by: Deathunter88
Knock out hazards 2.0
I think for most of the "knock out" hazards you mention you're really referring to "you're dead" haz ...
13-10-2020 at 20:04
by: Deathunter88
Can you plasticize black powder
Black powder is rammed, not plasticised, to make motors. This can be done with just black powder or ...
7-10-2020 at 06:06
by: Deathunter88
Det caps in air bags
To clarify, most modern airbags no longer contain sodium azide. Also the propellant will be in the f ...
7-10-2020 at 05:51
by: Deathunter88
Airport Chemical Screening
You guys need to chill the heck out and stop feeling like the entire world/govenment is against you ...
5-10-2020 at 01:33
by: Deathunter88
Single component rocket fuels
[rquote=645812&tid=156258&author=aromaticfanatic][rquote=645797&tid=156258&author=Ma ...
5-10-2020 at 01:21
by: Deathunter88
Lab Alley: A potential good USA source of non-exotic hazardous chemicals?
I was browsing online for 2.5L of concentrated sulfuric acid as you do and I stumbled across a site ...
1-10-2020 at 23:58
by: Deathunter88
This is mandatory stuff for (amateur) chemists (Safety)
Hold up, are we watching the same guy? The video before the drying epsom salt video was on making hi ...
29-9-2020 at 13:34
by: Deathunter88
Has anyone ever tried seperating the ethanol from gasoline with water?
[rquote=644807&tid=156177&author=RogueRose][rquote=644796&tid=156177&author=macckone ...
18-9-2020 at 23:09
by: Deathunter88
Importing Lab Glassware into Canada
Honestly what's wrong with the police coming by to check in? If you're not doing anything wrong ever ...
12-9-2020 at 23:29
by: Deathunter88
HotPlate Branding
[rquote=640598&tid=155794&author=Brightthermite]Hey all I am fairly new to purchasing actual ...
13-7-2020 at 18:17
by: Deathunter88
Purchasing from research suppliers
The only one I know for sure will sell to individuals is Spectrum Techniques. All of their disk sour ...
12-7-2020 at 19:58
by: Deathunter88
Orange-limonene reaction and sulfuric acid, color chemistry
You should probably brush up your knowledge before going around yapping (look up Dunning–Kruger ef ...
30-6-2020 at 19:44
by: Deathunter88
Disappointing results with 3A molecular sieves
Most molecular sieves from China are fake - they are not designed to dry liquids, rather they are pl ...
21-6-2020 at 21:22
by: Deathunter88
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