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pyrrolidinediethyl diacetate?
Yeah, I’m not sure what you want to know exactly… The title of the thread is “Pyrrolidinedieth ...
18-2-2006 at 13:36
by: Joeychemist
Should the posts of post whores and other irrelevent posts be deleted from the forum?
I suggest the mods start cleaning the crap out of the Shaped Charge thread if you’re going to star ...
23-1-2006 at 12:59
by: Joeychemist
Urbanski, the missing pages
The Zip file which contains every missing page from the first two volumes of The Chemistry & Tec ...
8-1-2006 at 04:26
by: Joeychemist
Unconventional Shaped Charges
[quote][i]Originally posted by Boomer[/i]
Just a few thoughts:
- Any reference for the 50 km/s jet ...
6-1-2006 at 15:46
by: Joeychemist
[quote][i]Originally posted by Sickman[/i]
Probably just shooting at a mixture of ammonium nitrate ...
27-12-2005 at 23:00
by: Joeychemist
What happened to PrimoPyro?
He actually stoped by yesterday.

7-12-2005 at 22:06
by: Joeychemist
Any explosives made with Napthalene?
I could try to explain it you, Tom. But to save myself some time, you better just look in volume 1 o ...
6-12-2005 at 22:28
by: Joeychemist
Avi files into DVDs?
Thanks, Tom. I found exactly what I needed :)
20-11-2005 at 14:54
by: Joeychemist
Avi files into DVDs?
I am looking for some free software which will allow me to convert Avi files into burnable DVD files ...
18-11-2005 at 14:20
by: Joeychemist
separate amphetamine after urushibara-reduction
I don't think that you needed to start a thread just for this.

Just do like everyone else an ...
13-11-2005 at 07:59
by: Joeychemist
Ammonium Pyrosulfate
Although it is off topic, the attached file should help to clear up the H2S04+NH4NO3=Nitramine issue ...
26-10-2005 at 17:04
by: Joeychemist
Picric acid: different instructions
[quote][i]Originally posted by Rosco Bodine[/i]
Memory fails me on where I read it first , but I kn ...
26-10-2005 at 08:10
by: Joeychemist
Diphoronepentaperoxide (DPPP)
No need to resort to vulgarities or verbal abuse to make your point, Quince. There may in fact be DP ...
22-10-2005 at 02:42
by: Joeychemist
Unconventional Shaped Charges
Sorry to rain on your little parade, but you have no idea what you are talking about :P

It has b ...
21-10-2005 at 02:28
by: Joeychemist
Mix of iodoform and hexamethylenetetramine
[quote][i]Originally posted by woelen[/i]
So, the mix indeed cannot be regarded as energetic. [/quo ...
8-10-2005 at 11:39
by: Joeychemist
HMTD problem
Your grammar is atrocious to say the least. I will not begin to point out all that is wrong with you ...
1-10-2005 at 01:45
by: Joeychemist
Subjects Of A Questionable Nature
[quote][i]Originally posted by Dr.Freemanstein[/i]
Correction...if you make/synthesise an explosive ...
27-9-2005 at 15:51
by: Joeychemist
Crystal growth and preparative details of nitrophenols (stypnic, picric acid)
Metal Picrates were most likely formed. The residual HCl in Picric Acid most likely attacked the ste ...
26-9-2005 at 19:19
by: Joeychemist
Picryl Azide and other Nitrophenyl Azides
I can’t say that performing that procedure wouldn’t be dangerous, but no serious war gases would ...
19-9-2005 at 14:46
by: Joeychemist
Hexamine Diperchlorate
GB 168,333 should be of interest to you, KinePak.
17-9-2005 at 00:56
by: Joeychemist
Picryl Azide and other Nitrophenyl Azides
Thanks for your post John.

The question you asked is a good one and to tell you the truth I have ...
3-9-2005 at 08:35
by: Joeychemist
Picryl Azide and other Nitrophenyl Azides
I’m looking for info about Nitrophenyl Azides and derivatives, namely 2,4,6 Trinitrophenyl Azide ( ...
31-8-2005 at 19:54
by: Joeychemist
picramic acid from picric
The attached file is one of the listed references in PATR 2700 for Picramic Acid from the “Dictio ...
31-8-2005 at 03:09
by: Joeychemist
modified Wohl-Aue reaction?
[quote][i]Originally posted by cumbustion[/i]
Whats the name for the original (unnitrated) substanc ...
28-8-2005 at 05:05
by: Joeychemist
Oxamide nitrate
Oxamide is the diamide of Oxalic acid; I think that it can be prepared from Formamide by electrolysi ...
8-8-2005 at 19:56
by: Joeychemist
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