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A convenient home synthesis of brightly colored pyrylium compounds
Very pretty! This makes me miss working on fluorophores (I'm a biochem guy now).

The structures s ...
3-4-2020 at 16:25
by: Metacelsus
Could nitration of cellulose proceed more quickly in acetone?
[rquote=633508&tid=155117&author=rockyit98]why not Xylene ? after all it's called and sold a ...
3-4-2020 at 16:17
by: Metacelsus
Oxygen generator designs?
What you want is pressure-swing adsorption. Oxygen can be concentrated using zeolites.

Unfortunat ...
3-4-2020 at 16:16
by: Metacelsus
Suggestion : Buy yourself an oxygen generator NOW
For COVID-19 severe cases don't only need oxygen, but also mechanical ventilation (or else CO2 build ...
27-3-2020 at 05:03
by: Metacelsus
Several interesting reactions
1: The red, bromine smelling gas is almost certainly NO2

I'm not sure about the other ones; Woele ...
25-3-2020 at 04:54
by: Metacelsus
Trouble with synthesizing HClO4
A few years ago I made perchloric acid by vacuum distillation of a mixture of NaClO4 solution and su ...
22-3-2020 at 07:36
by: Metacelsus
Formation of S-alkylthiosulfates/Bunte's salts from Alkyl sulfates?
Yes, sulfate should be a good enough leaving group.
6-3-2020 at 05:14
by: Metacelsus
Reverse osmosis through shirt fabric?
Shirt fabric can't be used for reverse osmosis, as it's permeable to sodium and chloride ions. (RO m ...
24-2-2020 at 14:21
by: Metacelsus
Dean Stark without Dean Stark.... almost quantitative
Hmm, interesting. The benefit of a Dean-Stark trap is being able to continuously remove the water as ...
22-2-2020 at 04:37
by: Metacelsus
Trimethyl Phosphate
If you have POCl3, you can react that with methanol. P2O5 might also work.
16-2-2020 at 09:43
by: Metacelsus
Corona Virus Vaccine
Yeah, these days designing a vaccine is the easy part. The hard part it making sure it actually work ...
14-2-2020 at 04:31
by: Metacelsus
Two strange rocks I found outside
Yes, pictures would be helpful.

The second rock could be some kind of sulfide mineral (for exampl ...
9-2-2020 at 05:44
by: Metacelsus
Extension of the Eschweiler-Clarke alkylation
Hmm, what about something non-enolizable, like benzaldehyde? Formic acid + benzaldehyde + amine migh ...
5-2-2020 at 09:52
by: Metacelsus
problem with melting antimony
Are you sure you were heating it up enough? You need to get it to 630 °C

Also are you sure your ...
24-1-2020 at 17:29
by: Metacelsus
Effect of microwave heating on Ascorbic acid molecule
[rquote=629807&tid=154754&author=Xrpdguy]Hello there, we all know that Ascorbic acid is ther ...
22-1-2020 at 04:35
by: Metacelsus
Sodium Benzoate and KMnO4
My question is: Is this actually a redox reaction, a ...
12-1-2020 at 05:59
by: Metacelsus
bornyl chloride synthesis by addition of HCl gas to alfa pinene
Very cool! Can you try making some borneol or camphor?
10-1-2020 at 10:06
by: Metacelsus
methyl eugenol synthesis?
Yes. Similar conditions should work.
10-1-2020 at 10:02
by: Metacelsus
Determining completion of Bamberger rearrangement
TLC would probably work. Check for disappearance of your starting material and formation of a new sp ...
5-1-2020 at 06:07
by: Metacelsus
Belladonna extract
Yeah, that was really dumb. (And FYI, hyoscine is also an antimuscarinic, just like atropine.)

5-1-2020 at 06:05
by: Metacelsus
Legality of Solid Fuels
Legality depends on where you live. In the USA it's fine to make them as long as they're properly st ...
30-12-2019 at 16:27
by: Metacelsus
Preparation of weak hydroiodic acid(for making NaI)
You could also just try the Finkelstein reaction with KI. It might not work as well as NaI (since th ...
29-12-2019 at 19:56
by: Metacelsus
Cubane instead of benzene with the phenylethylamine backbone
[rquote=628742&tid=153370&author=Abromination][rquote=628676&tid=153370&author=Tsjer ...
29-12-2019 at 19:53
by: Metacelsus
Bromination not going as expected??
I have tried many different bromination routes, ...
29-12-2019 at 19:50
by: Metacelsus
Haloform Reaction With Ca(OCl)2 and EtOH
I would expect the reaction to form a significant amount of chloral hydrate (trichloroacetaldehyde h ...
15-12-2019 at 20:05
by: Metacelsus
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