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Reactions of mixed anhydrites
In general the product will be a mixture. If one side is more hindered than the other, the ratio cou ...
11-7-2020 at 06:03
by: Metacelsus
Failed Henry reaction with 3,4,5-TMB
Ammonium acetate is a perfectly good catalyst for this (giving 96% yields in my hands), there's no n ...
11-7-2020 at 06:00
by: Metacelsus
Amazing fluorescent precipitate of copper(I) with propargyl alcohol
I did copper(I) catalyzed couplings of propargyl alcohol with other terminal alkynes quite a few tim ...
9-7-2020 at 09:18
by: Metacelsus
Weird smell from Zn + FeSO4 reaction vessel?
It could be SO2 or H2S (reaction product of FeS and moisture).
6-7-2020 at 09:12
by: Metacelsus
Things I Will Never Make
[rquote=488834&tid=72825&author=JJay]I'd probably use phenyllithium and copper (I) chloride. ...
6-7-2020 at 09:08
by: Metacelsus
does autoignition temperature even matter when refluxing a liquid?,
If you have a system above the autoignition temperature, any leak will result in a fire. But in your ...
6-7-2020 at 07:22
by: Metacelsus
Precursors to um… something. Suggestions invited.
[rquote=639649&tid=155702&author=draculic acid69]The clorobenzaldehyde can be weighed per ml ...
2-7-2020 at 04:31
by: Metacelsus
Anhydrous Aluminum Chloride prepration
The ethanol will react with the AlCl3, since AlCl3 is a very strong Lewis acid. The final products w ...
30-6-2020 at 05:27
by: Metacelsus
UK source for stains & microbio stuff
Crystal violet is pretty cheap at Himedia, and very useful for Gram stains. I see $16 for 25 grams. ...
29-6-2020 at 08:05
by: Metacelsus
Why is tin and HCl rxn so slow?
From personal experience, Sn/HCl reductions of nitro groups go very quickly, producing tin chloride ...
28-6-2020 at 11:23
by: Metacelsus
Cyclic diester from 2,2'-oxydibenzoic acid?
Sigma-Aldrich pricing is bonkers. There's no way that's actually worth $5560/g.
15-6-2020 at 05:56
by: Metacelsus
Isolation and Synthesis: Benzyne?
I did my undergrad work on benzyne chemistry (specifically, the HDDA reaction). PM me if you'd like ...
6-6-2020 at 04:02
by: Metacelsus
Advice on buying a GC/MS
GC-MS is better, but the maintenance and operating costs will be higher. With IR you don't need gas ...
18-5-2020 at 05:25
by: Metacelsus
Questions about mRNA vaccine for Coronavirus
[rquote=636343&tid=155417&author=wg48temp9]So they synthesis a mRNA corresponding to part of ...
18-5-2020 at 05:22
by: Metacelsus
Problems with the synthesis of formaldehyde by pyrolysis of metal formates
If you just want formaldehyde, why not buy trioxane or paraformaldehyde?
17-5-2020 at 04:53
by: Metacelsus
Reducing metal oxides with wood gas
[rquote=635979&tid=155377&author=RogueRose][rquote=635935&tid=155377&author=Metacels ...
13-5-2020 at 19:10
by: Metacelsus
Reducing metal oxides with wood gas
Be careful, breathing lead fumes is not something you want to do!
13-5-2020 at 04:48
by: Metacelsus
The synthesis of methyl sorbate
[rquote=635761&tid=155365&author=Syn the Sizer]
[size=1]Sodium bicarb[sup][url=https://bet ...
11-5-2020 at 04:18
by: Metacelsus
Melgar has died
RIP. He will be missed.
6-5-2020 at 05:16
by: Metacelsus
Why bokakob style columns are not used?
Why similar devices are not used in chemistry? O ...
30-4-2020 at 05:34
by: Metacelsus
Vacuum pump for vacuum distillation.
[rquote=634883&tid=155264&author=RedDwarf]I'm not aware that the azeotrope of Nitric acid an ...
27-4-2020 at 14:28
by: Metacelsus
Open-source Raman spectrometer looking for academic partners
Very cool!

I noticed the most expensive item on the Bill of Materials was the camera. In high sch ...
25-4-2020 at 05:24
by: Metacelsus
Storage of lead azide
The main benefit of storing under water is avoiding static electricity. That being said, I have stor ...
24-4-2020 at 05:34
by: Metacelsus
Possible routes for synthesis of esters of tertiary alcohols and phenols, using carboxylic acids
5 mol% would be a ratio of 1 mole acid to 20 moles reactant
22-4-2020 at 11:25
by: Metacelsus
Setting up a home Schlenk system
Simply extraordinary! That's a better setup than I've seen in some university labs.

One thing I'm ...
19-4-2020 at 05:40
by: Metacelsus
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