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Chipped Condenser

Try this site for so ...
7-2-2011 at 08:28
by: Phosphor-ing
Freon Standard
[rquote=198409&tid=15274&author=ScienceSquirrel]Something like this;

http://www.sigmaaldr ...
13-1-2011 at 12:24
by: Phosphor-ing
Sciencemadness at risk -- your help wanted
Your transaction ID for this payment is: 1EV93661WG2762228.

Here is another $20. And seeing as ho ...
21-12-2010 at 07:29
by: Phosphor-ing
Hand-operated (manual) vacuum filtration apparatus
I bought one of those vacuum pumps with a gauge on it from my local auto parts store. Can't remember ...
17-11-2010 at 06:44
by: Phosphor-ing
Mom Arrested After Son Makes Dry Ice "Bombs"
Teachers do have a level of maturity, you speak of. Its the zero tolerance policy that has taken all ...
16-7-2010 at 05:29
by: Phosphor-ing
saving water
what like ping pong balls?
24-3-2010 at 03:50
by: Phosphor-ing
sciencelab .com
Science Alliance was Strike's old company busted in 2001 for supplying drug cooks there wares.
16-3-2010 at 07:58
by: Phosphor-ing
Anyone good at glass work?
East Carolina University has a glassblowing website that is pretty good for the basics.

http://w ...
7-1-2010 at 09:53
by: Phosphor-ing
Glassware for sale.
United Glass Tech. Vigreux column 200mm length 2516-007 $38.50 from the UGT's website no ...
22-10-2009 at 03:54
by: Phosphor-ing
Glassware for sale.
Prices seem to be as advertised to me? If I could budget any money for chemistry at the moment I wou ...
21-10-2009 at 03:54
by: Phosphor-ing
FTP Move
Thanks for the update I wondered what happened.
8-10-2009 at 03:42
by: Phosphor-ing
Packing a Condenser with GAC (and other materials)
what does GAC stand for?
10-9-2009 at 07:40
by: Phosphor-ing
Glassware garge sale for non-profit
Man, its times like these I could use some money. That lab is only a few states away, easily within ...
4-9-2009 at 03:39
by: Phosphor-ing
Inoxia Chemical Supplies
If you browse his site alot of what they sell is pyro related
3-9-2009 at 07:08
by: Phosphor-ing
Aspirator/Water outlet for home
In the US this is a quite affordable option. ...
28-8-2009 at 05:39
by: Phosphor-ing
Making other cesium salts from cesium alum
This might help


Mentions usin ...
20-8-2009 at 11:35
by: Phosphor-ing
The short questions thread (2)
Airtight container would have to be purged of all moisture/oxygen. So under mineral oil would probab ...
30-7-2009 at 03:44
by: Phosphor-ing
Intended Use Form
I would if you intend to order from them again.
30-7-2009 at 03:28
by: Phosphor-ing
diethyl ether
If you can perform fractional distillation, then starting fluid is the way to go. If not you're play ...
23-7-2009 at 03:30
by: Phosphor-ing
Latest chemical order?
Methanol can be distilled from gas line antifreeze/ water remover product called "Heet".
16-7-2009 at 03:39
by: Phosphor-ing
First hotplate
You have to be aware that those cheap electric burner/cooking plate things are not sparkless. Using ...
7-7-2009 at 11:09
by: Phosphor-ing
Is my Vigruex column too long?
Academic discussion of a compound is different than "Help me! I'm in the middle of a committing a c ...
18-6-2009 at 06:52
by: Phosphor-ing
Is my Vigruex column too long?
From what I read on Wikipedia it's the Chinese variety, Illicium verum (Star Anise), that contains 9 ...
18-6-2009 at 03:23
by: Phosphor-ing
Recent forum unreliability
It was down When I checked it about 7:15 EST. All's well now though.
26-5-2009 at 07:30
by: Phosphor-ing
Electrochemistry and Electrodes: which for what?
Electrochemistry of Organic Compounds
The Manufacture of Chemicals by Electrolysis

Both these ti ...
13-5-2009 at 05:21
by: Phosphor-ing
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