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Mantle transformer question
The transformer is mainly to power the motor,
the heating element will be a much higher power indep ...
3-8-2019 at 06:28
by: Sulaiman
Mantle transformer question
About 6 VA.

See if you can find a slightly higher wattage transformer, e.g. up to 12VA, that can ...
3-8-2019 at 03:56
by: Sulaiman
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
380W is my diy 500ml heating mantle.
The dimmers have very fine control - as fine as I've ever need ...
2-8-2019 at 21:24
by: Sulaiman
Hello everyone! (Also Nitrogen Triiodide)
In UK the legal limit for nitrogen triiodide is 500mg - for demonstration and educational ...
2-8-2019 at 01:26
by: Sulaiman
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
[rquote=619426&tid=152050&author=draculic acid69]Even with a safety margin 2000w seems possi ...
1-8-2019 at 09:41
by: Sulaiman
Mantle transformer question
you can make a fairly accurate determination of the transformer wattage rating by weight !

Weigh ...
1-8-2019 at 07:04
by: Sulaiman
Building a sieve/mesh frame system & shaker
If the sieve(s) are supported by wires/strings/springs then attaching a small motor with an eccentri ...
31-7-2019 at 02:43
by: Sulaiman
higher horsepower means higher pressure
75 Bar (over 1000 psi) is a very high = dangerous pressure to work with.
Horsepower is (pressure)x( ...
30-7-2019 at 19:48
by: Sulaiman
What is phosgene/phosphine?
[rquote=619276&tid=152659&author=Yttrium2]Doesn't one of them ignite when it comes into cont ...
30-7-2019 at 18:11
by: Sulaiman
approximately :
If the electrodes are thin then the cell can store a lot of energy,
if the electrodes are thick the ...
30-7-2019 at 09:35
by: Sulaiman
Sponge for chemistry?
One good use for foam is packing of glassware in drawers or boxes, e.g.
30-7-2019 at 05:29
by: Sulaiman
How to attach different diameter pump to a condenser?
put a short length of tubing for 8mm i.d. on the condenser then push over it the larger tubing and ...
29-7-2019 at 03:23
by: Sulaiman
Ideas/Request for a Reaction Chamber
maybe a petri dish with a heating band and a thermocouple ?
e.g. ...
29-7-2019 at 02:07
by: Sulaiman
Bottle CG height vs liquid height
unanswerable due to insufficient data, most importantly ;
type of disturbing force, densities of b ...
28-7-2019 at 08:31
by: Sulaiman
random information
Based on a few experiments that I did when designing a magnetic stirrer for my diy heating mantle :
27-7-2019 at 16:32
by: Sulaiman
Glass tubes
In UK I bought various pieces of borosilicate glass tubing, not all for chemistry.
Initially I orde ...
27-7-2019 at 03:42
by: Sulaiman
Matter about DIY magnetic stirrer
Neodymium magnets are best kept cool, ferrite, AlNiCo or samarium cobalt would be a better choice

27-7-2019 at 03:00
by: Sulaiman
Concentrating H2SO4 without distillation (with flask ans some PTFE )
The apparatus looks 'sensitive' to overheating,
but if 99% is correct then that is very interesting ...
26-7-2019 at 06:38
by: Sulaiman
Free Oertling R20 Balance (200g x 0.1mg) Aylesbury UK
I won and have paid for an eBay auction for an Oertling mechanical balance, model R20,
it has a cap ...
25-7-2019 at 17:01
by: Sulaiman
Weird nitric acid after 2 to 3 months storage
I suspect the storage vessels;
HDPE (or other plastic) bottles are good for shipping liquids as the ...
23-7-2019 at 18:47
by: Sulaiman
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
[rquote=618551&tid=152050&author=draculic acid69]The motor is d.c. controlled. I talked to a ...
22-7-2019 at 22:52
by: Sulaiman
Water Pump
Even a 5V (usb) water pump is adequate, but I use one of these ...
22-7-2019 at 22:24
by: Sulaiman
Not very 'member-like'
$500 FIRM to Sciencemadness members, but two days later $400 for anyone.

... PhD. :(
22-7-2019 at 20:15
by: Sulaiman
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
[rquote=618118&tid=152050&author=Herr Haber]Unless you are just about to replace a failed HD ...
21-7-2019 at 07:24
by: Sulaiman
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
I understand your concerns, 240 Vac [i]can[/i] be fatal,
but I'm a lucky optimist ... I've felt 240 ...
20-7-2019 at 22:13
by: Sulaiman
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