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Need some help with a gold recovery electrolysis method
I saw that there was a electrolysis method of loosening the gold from the pcb, but i havent found a ...
30-9-2015 at 03:42
by: antimon
Homemade electrolysis cell?
Hi guys. I have seen electrolysis cells that have an motorized stirrer, and other ones that you coul ...
24-9-2015 at 10:31
by: antimon
Is this right? Tap water in a chemical reaction?
Hi, i downloaded a pdf thats called 'Kings chemistry something' by a guy called Jared Ledgard.
In ...
20-9-2015 at 13:12
by: antimon
Need some help with a gold recovery electrolysis method
Hi, i have collected e-waste for about a year or more, and recently i have started to prepare my w ...
18-9-2015 at 14:38
by: antimon
Growing synthetic diamonds at home?
Hi, i just saw a documentary about growing synthetic diamonds, and i thought to myself, can this be ...
1-7-2015 at 02:16
by: antimon
Make pcb etching solution
Hi, i am going to make my own pcb etching solution, and i just wonder how i go about doing that?
I ...
24-6-2015 at 01:37
by: antimon
Are these inline fans generally brushless?
Hi, i am going to build a fume hood, and i wanted to ask if these kinds of inline fans are brushless ...
24-6-2015 at 00:56
by: antimon
Are Teflon corrosive-proof?
Hi, i have some 95% + pure HCl, 69 % HNO3, and other strong acids in Teflon bottles, and they have b ...
24-6-2015 at 00:44
by: antimon

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