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How to clean a separatory funnel?
EtOH and HNO3 mix works well also for stubborn cleaning. It produces copious amounts of NO2 so be ca ...
20-5-2019 at 15:10
by: diddi
Growing Lead iodide crystals help!
i do not boil it. as soon as the PbI2 begins to disappear, it is hot enough.

[Edited on 14-5-2019 b ...
14-5-2019 at 02:41
by: diddi
Identification of a mystery metal
if the density is very accurate, this might help ...
30-4-2019 at 18:42
by: diddi
Displaying elements collection in a non-standard way
i can assist with wiring and control circuits
26-4-2019 at 04:39
by: diddi
Displaying elements collection in a non-standard way

the challenge of incorporating technology in a display for me is purely cost. i ha ...
1-4-2019 at 14:26
by: diddi
scrap zirconium souces
zirconium is present in certain TIG welding electrodes. they are ofton described as 'zirconiated'
1-4-2019 at 14:08
by: diddi
Teaching chemistry
i am ex chem teacher. i still do tutoring and like hands on things to try to improve students unders ...
26-3-2019 at 18:38
by: diddi
Displaying elements collection in a non-standard way
As my sig has said for a while now, i am in the process of constructing a PT display also. i have a ...
26-3-2019 at 14:39
by: diddi
So what the hell happened?
it seems you have cooked it.

also can i suggest adding the nitric acid slowly once you are almost ...
11-3-2019 at 21:53
by: diddi
White phosphorus recovery
i feel solvent extraction is the best suggestion so far imo
24-2-2019 at 20:31
by: diddi
The Wump Incident
"That's awesome Dad. Can we do it again tomorrow night?"
22-2-2019 at 01:17
by: diddi
Is there anyone from Eidsborg, Norway?
yes interesting history. and i reckon it will make interesting micro photos
10-2-2019 at 16:25
by: diddi
Is there anyone from Eidsborg, Norway?
I collect rocks minerals microminerals etc. it is a curiosity piece. the quarry is open to the pub ...
9-2-2019 at 17:39
by: diddi
Is there anyone from Eidsborg, Norway?
I am hoping some kind sole could collect me a couple of small sample of the natural whetstone from t ...
8-2-2019 at 16:51
by: diddi
Power Supply from Model Train Control
the idea is good and you could use a lot of different power supplies with a little modification here ...
12-1-2019 at 20:27
by: diddi
Antozonite on eBay
yes. i have a couple of pieces also. it is my poor mans fluorine sample in my elements display
4-1-2019 at 16:05
by: diddi
Be,As and Tl
i used realgar and orpiment for As in my elements before i had the "real" thing. Beryllium copper is ...
26-12-2018 at 11:58
by: diddi
Buying bromine from china
shipping is the issue. you will not get it out of china. i have connections and i still cant get t ...
24-12-2018 at 19:05
by: diddi
Reported posts in my outbox
and mods wonder why i complained about spam...

18-12-2018 at 12:26
by: diddi
Post #2000 and an apology for accidentally deleting a thread
Mods. its time to close this one down i think

It detracts from the collegial nature and ethos of ...
15-12-2018 at 12:25
by: diddi
20g/10g rubidium ampoules for sale
i bought some items also. received in good time and order to australia
13-12-2018 at 22:29
by: diddi
Where to get pyridine in UK ?
i got mine from onyxmet if that helps
9-12-2018 at 13:56
by: diddi
Anyone want to use my lab/equipment/chemicals ?
just wondering if you are including air fares Sulaiman?
8-12-2018 at 17:59
by: diddi
[Collection] Periodic Table elements
the minerals look quite attractive as you have laid them out. i have minerals i will not include in ...
6-12-2018 at 14:10
by: diddi
skatole conversion into indole
thats some might smelly chemistry :)
5-12-2018 at 17:40
by: diddi
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