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Home Made Analysis gear
You can use various derivatives, paper or thin layer chromatography and a pc/flat bed scanner or pos ...
14-4-2014 at 13:59
by: leu
Using the Acetone enolate from Sodium Hydroxide
Chemists have been devising methods involving equations to predict dissociation constants for many d ...
14-4-2014 at 04:28
by: leu
Using the Acetone enolate from Sodium Hydroxide
The pKa of acetone is about 19 :P Chemists have been calculating ionization constants for a very l ...
13-4-2014 at 18:28
by: leu
Piperonyl butoxide is made by etherification and chloromethylation starting from dihydrosafrole whi ...
3-4-2014 at 18:41
by: leu
Acid-catalyzed addition to double bonds (Nitroaldol-Reaction)
Your examples aren't acid catalyzed, they're base catalyzed :( One recent thread with a good reply ...
3-4-2014 at 07:32
by: leu
Ionic radius for non-metallic cations
The attached article:


Linus ...
1-3-2014 at 13:57
by: leu
Where can I get a small ultrasonic generator?
Submersible ultrasonic bonsai misters work well for sonication :cool:
26-2-2014 at 10:26
by: leu
What's the best way to separate xylenes and ethylbenzene?
Vacuum sublimation is often used to purify aromatic hydrocarbons prior to freeze crystallization ;) ...
18-2-2014 at 06:01
by: leu
Testing the efficacy of a fractionating column?
Do you understand how to measure the boiling point of the components ;) There's some useful informat ...
28-1-2014 at 12:27
by: leu
The kinetics and mechanism of oxime formation has been studied in academia for over a century ;) An ...
25-1-2014 at 07:35
by: leu
How does Pd/C catalytic hydrogenations work?
Four pages from Negishi's [b]Handbook of Organopalladium Chemistry for Organic Synthesis[/b] are att ...
11-1-2014 at 17:42
by: leu
H2 and negatively charged molecules
You can use:

to find answers to such ques ...
11-1-2014 at 12:06
by: leu
Resulting compound from a reaction with formaldehyde in methylations?
There's probably scores of threads on this web site in which this subject is discussed that could be ...
10-1-2014 at 18:49
by: leu
How do I make Phenol from dichlorobenzene
[quote] Is there any way to make benzene from it or any useful compounds from it?[/quote]

You wou ...
10-1-2014 at 02:10
by: leu
How do I make Phenol from dichlorobenzene
At least one of the chlorine atoms would have to be removed via reductive dehalogenation which accor ...
9-1-2014 at 18:31
by: leu
CISPA: A complete destruction of our privacy
Some more videos of presentations from the recent conference: ...
1-1-2014 at 09:22
by: leu
CISPA: A complete destruction of our privacy
Jacob Applebaum's presentation at the Chaos Communications Conference earlier today:

https://www. ...
30-12-2013 at 14:14
by: leu
Sodium metal - Illustrated Practical Guide
The attached document describes the construction of a Castner cell for producing sodium :cool:
3-10-2013 at 05:44
by: leu
aldehydes and ketones by dry distillation: practical details?
[quote]Does anyone know of books or papers, especially those available through free online collectio ...
11-10-2012 at 17:17
by: leu
Home-made rotary evaporator
If you would have used:

you would have fou ...
1-10-2012 at 06:40
by: leu
Rotary vane pump during distillation question
The vacuum has to be applied continuously since vapors are produced during distillation ;) Please d ...
11-9-2012 at 17:23
by: leu
In the attached article, [i]Synthetic Communications[/i] [b]9[/b] (5) 407-410 (1979) by Press it's m ...
6-8-2012 at 08:31
by: leu
Cracking Diesel Fuel
The attached article, Applied Catalysis A: General Volume 270, Issues 1–2, 30 August 2004, Pages 9 ...
27-5-2012 at 13:12
by: leu
Making a domestic refrigerator suitable for lab use
Alternatively, one can apply conductive grease on light bulb sockets to reduce corrosion :) One can ...
25-5-2012 at 08:50
by: leu
Sulfonation Of Phenol
From [u]Thorpes Dictionary of Applied Chemistry[/u]:

[color=Maroon]Pyrocatechol may be obtained i ...
22-5-2012 at 15:54
by: leu
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