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Heating mantle/variac
Question: The stirrer in the mantle will still run when on a variac, because the sine wave is just s ...
6-10-2015 at 08:44
by: subsecret
Friedrichs Condenser purchase (using vertical condenser)
Christ! Did you really need Pyrex?

What size distillation flask are you using? What heat source? ...
6-10-2015 at 08:41
by: subsecret
Iodine Cis-Trans Rotation

It probably doesn't give the 2,3-diiodobuta ...
18-9-2015 at 12:07
by: subsecret
Grease sources for glassware joints?
I use plumbers' grease or PTFE tape for my joints, but in the case of bromine or nitric acid, I use ...
15-9-2015 at 16:07
by: subsecret
New regulations on sulfuric acid in the U.S.?
Distilling might be a better way to go if you want to buy sulfuric acid OTC as drain opener; I've no ...
13-9-2015 at 17:19
by: subsecret
Organic is too Advanced ?
I think that organic is both easier and more rewarding for the amateur chemist; it's more about geom ...
13-9-2015 at 17:17
by: subsecret
Sick from this Copper Stuff, any idea what it is?
Anti-seize is more adhesive than that, and it's odd that it's just sitting there like a puddle. I th ...
15-7-2015 at 09:21
by: subsecret
what are the products of this reaction c2h2+h2so4+kno3.
The reaction of acetylene and nitrogen would be a neat way to get HCN.
12-7-2015 at 09:45
by: subsecret
Electricity: Blackout during experimenting, any idea's ?
Find the circuit breaker and turn it on and off. If you still have no power, check the continuity of ...
11-7-2015 at 13:40
by: subsecret
Glove protection
My hands have survived bromine, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, concentrated sodium hypochlorite, et ...
5-7-2015 at 22:09
by: subsecret
500 ml copper flask
These semispheres would be nice for homemade heating mantles.
5-7-2015 at 19:35
by: subsecret
Test for Lead in Alcohol
Depending on how much you drink, you might still sustain damage even if you can't see a rhodizonate/ ...
4-7-2015 at 20:40
by: subsecret
Preparation of Styrene and Phenylacetylene from Polystyrene
I'm inclined to bubble chlorine straight into the styrene, maybe even styrene in DCM to make the chl ...
22-6-2015 at 20:17
by: subsecret
Preparation of Styrene and Phenylacetylene from Polystyrene
Sorry to revive an old thread...

Instead of Br[sub]2[/sub]/DCM, could sodium hypochlorite solutio ...
22-6-2015 at 18:17
by: subsecret
Recirculating Suck-Back Trap
Here's my design. The two parts are connected with a 45/50 joint.

[Edited on 16-6-2015 by subsecr ...
16-6-2015 at 07:40
by: subsecret
How to circulate solution without contamination?
You could immerse a heat exchanger in the reaction vessel; the inside of a large spiral condenser wo ...
5-6-2015 at 10:45
by: subsecret
What is the scariest reaction/syth that you do?
I made bromine via the TCCA, HCl, and NaBr method yesterday, and I added the acid way too quickly. M ...
4-6-2015 at 17:45
by: subsecret
Distillation Over Metal Dust
Distillation from magnesium turnings is a good way to dry some solvents that react with alkali metal ...
4-6-2015 at 17:41
by: subsecret
New ink
If the nitrogens have a + sign indicated, shouldn't three of the oxygens have the opposite charge sh ...
4-6-2015 at 17:40
by: subsecret
Best non-polar solvent for caffeine
I actually extracted my caffeine into acidified water, then deprotonated the caffeine in the separat ...
1-6-2015 at 17:04
by: subsecret
How to draw solution through a system

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30-5-2015 at 09:03
by: subsecret
Sciencemadness Patches!
What about a shirt with this design? Having a patch on a lab coat that you only wear at home doesn't ...
28-5-2015 at 07:07
by: subsecret
My Results (Nitric Acid Synthesis) Using calcium nitrate
Distillation of the acid will produce a product that is mostly free from contaminants. Add a stoichi ...
17-5-2015 at 13:44
by: subsecret
Benzene synthesis
Just a note:

JB Weld will does not withstand the effects of dry distillation of sodium benzoate a ...
10-5-2015 at 17:26
by: subsecret
Setting up Lab - Help Please!
A fume hood might be a nice idea, but I highly recommend running the exhaust out the roof; this will ...
4-5-2015 at 16:46
by: subsecret
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