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Lost 5 L HNO3 stored in HDPE Kanister
I had the same experience many years ago. 10 litre HDPE container with a pinhole leak in a seam. Luc ...
6-6-2021 at 13:32
by: Twospoons
Any use for broken/crushed quartz glass from tubes - or ULTRA high output UVC bulbs - 12-16KW/bulb?
[rquote=660938&tid=157531&author=Fyndium]Household mains is not even able to supply single o ...
30-5-2021 at 14:37
by: Twospoons
Any use for broken/crushed quartz glass from tubes - or ULTRA high output UVC bulbs - 12-16KW/bulb?
Melt cast them into a thick disk and then grind a parabolic primary mirror for a telescope. The very ...
29-5-2021 at 02:02
by: Twospoons
Ideas for Engineering In-Demand Lab Equipment

My first thought was a heating mantle/hot pla ...
26-5-2021 at 19:22
by: Twospoons
Red Cabbage pH test
For my daughters 7th birthday (a long time ago) we had a harry potter theme. Red cabbage was centra ...
20-5-2021 at 20:12
by: Twospoons
Does anyone have experience with silicon wafers?
So you want to invest half a million bucks into equipment to make your own chips?

The closest I'v ...
19-5-2021 at 20:37
by: Twospoons
how would it change if world population went to 500m?
World pop was ~500 million around 1600AD. So theres some clues there. Of course we have a lot more k ...
16-5-2021 at 02:07
by: Twospoons
wall wart as power supply for electrolysis
TBH you'd be better off investing in a proper variable bench power supply. It will (should) be more ...
14-5-2021 at 18:44
by: Twospoons
Flashlight power and grow light power
I saw a paper once that suggested broadband lighting was better for plants. The study found that so ...
2-5-2021 at 13:53
by: Twospoons
Low resistance electrolytic cell divider
U-shaped tube filled with KCl solution gelled by ...
20-3-2021 at 20:11
by: Twospoons
Large Quartz Tubes For Cheap? - Patio Heater
See if it will pass short UV light. If it does then its quartz.

[Edited on 18-3-2021 by Twospoons]
17-3-2021 at 16:20
by: Twospoons
Question about pressure
If adding a stirbar is going to break the vessel, then you are already operating too close to the fa ...
21-2-2021 at 15:25
by: Twospoons
Most expensive mistakes you've made?
Blew up a $1000 magnetic field probe while poking around inside a power supply. Lucky for me the $25 ...
14-2-2021 at 11:11
by: Twospoons
How to handle powders without dusting?
What are efficient methods at neutralizing static ...
29-1-2021 at 00:36
by: Twospoons
Sulfuric & Nitric Acid In Australia
Watch those plastic drums! The plastic "jerry can" style containers my Nitric came in developed tiny ...
20-1-2021 at 14:00
by: Twospoons
Low(est) boiling point salts?
copper bromide lasers are typically operated around 400C, so you could try that.
18-1-2021 at 19:51
by: Twospoons
magnesium aluminate refractory up to 1800C.
You will want to remove as much sodium as possible - any residue may act as a flux.
16-1-2021 at 21:30
by: Twospoons
Help understanding DIY discharge tube emission spectrums
Also note that silicone is quite permeable to gasses.
13-1-2021 at 18:43
by: Twospoons
Do you supposed they've checked for Americium based smoke detectors yet?
11-1-2021 at 17:07
by: Twospoons
Why is there no electronic optical pyrometer ?
Out of curiosity, was it a doped wafer you tried? Doping might degrade transmission in the mid IR.
4-1-2021 at 19:09
by: Twospoons
Why is there no electronic optical pyrometer ?
I absolutely meant silicon, not silica. Theres a reason silicon is used as a optical material for C ...
4-1-2021 at 12:21
by: Twospoons
Why is there no electronic optical pyrometer ?
If you make the window of your furnace peephole from silicon then your optical pyrometer should work ...
3-1-2021 at 13:34
by: Twospoons
Why did TNT become so universal?
Was it purely a result of it’s insensitivity an ...
21-12-2020 at 21:15
by: Twospoons
The insanity that is OHS
Thing is its much better to let kids suffer a minor injury from such simple chems, to act as a remin ...
11-12-2020 at 00:55
by: Twospoons
DIY temperature probe for hotplate, help!
[rquote=650621&tid=156587&author=p4rtridg3]After testing some LM35s I got online, I can conf ...
7-12-2020 at 14:23
by: Twospoons
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