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From mobile or tablet,I can't download files.But I can download on PC.Why is that happening?
20-9-2015 at 06:21
by: kecskesajt
OTC ammonia in OZ
Try pharmacies.They should have.At least here, we have.
I formalin source:Heating tablets have para ...
18-9-2015 at 03:39
by: kecskesajt
Problem with Chloroform via Haloform reaction
Cloudyness is because of water suspended in the CHCl3.I dry it with simply adding NaCl.I decanted an ...
14-9-2015 at 06:21
by: kecskesajt
Impact pendulum for energetic materials
Great device,must show to explosions&fire!
Hopefully, you are not testing lead azide and styphn ...
6-9-2015 at 01:14
by: kecskesajt
sulfuryl fluoride and methyl bromide poisonings
-Your house has been fumigated with a compound causes brain damage and can make you unable tomove fo ...
5-9-2015 at 23:30
by: kecskesajt
hydrolysis of theanine to produce ethylamine
After a short googleing, I found out that theanine has a low stablility in alkaline conditions.
5-9-2015 at 03:24
by: kecskesajt
A safer procedure of mineral acid synthesis
Here,battery acid is more expensie than cc. H2SO4. And be aware that battery acid contains a lot of ...
2-9-2015 at 05:47
by: kecskesajt
Unknown Products: Electrolysis of MgSO4 + NaHCO3 and Iron Cathodes.
Light brown foam: Iron hydroxide,carbonate,oxide, etc...
Swampy green: water soluble iron compounds ...
31-8-2015 at 07:00
by: kecskesajt
A safer procedure of mineral acid synthesis
Niiiiceee. What about the thermal decomposition of Fe or Cu sulphates?Much cheaper for me.
31-8-2015 at 01:19
by: kecskesajt
Druken Aga Challenge (DAC) #3 - Closed (but open to discussion)
Vacuum pump is too easy. I made by a buncher funnel(aviable in normal stores)a vitamine bottle,and a ...
30-8-2015 at 02:54
by: kecskesajt
Overrun with sal mirabilis!
O ja piergole,I'm not a native American, nor speak Native American.
Speaking Hungarian is easy.Spea ...
29-8-2015 at 23:06
by: kecskesajt
Ag2C2.AGNO3 (DS)
So I'm lucky, because what I saw on youtube,the guy get a bigger amount of it and ignited but the wo ...
29-8-2015 at 07:55
by: kecskesajt
Overrun with sal mirabilis!
Take it,if you cant take a dump.
Seriusly, there arent a lot of things this is useful.
Maybe you c ...
29-8-2015 at 07:50
by: kecskesajt
Ag2C2.AGNO3 (DS)
I made SASD but instead of a nice TICK,a grain of a salt explodes like a pop-pop :o
A size of a hal ...
29-8-2015 at 03:56
by: kecskesajt
Just a heads up for conc nitric acid in UK
Damn it feels good to live in an ex-communist country.Living in the EU and get regulations for chemi ...
28-8-2015 at 02:54
by: kecskesajt
Your introduction to chemistry
My started at 6 y/o.I must have go to bed,but I started watching Brainiac.
At 11-12, I started to g ...
27-8-2015 at 23:41
by: kecskesajt
HNS the only explosive to make it to the moon
This is why I said: If you dont thrust this book...
Also the ETN synthesis:Keep the reaction temp. ...
26-8-2015 at 00:01
by: kecskesajt
Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
Im using coffee glass because thats heat proof.
Also I'm using a 100ml sirenge instead of a sep. f ...
25-8-2015 at 00:28
by: kecskesajt
Swift II software
Uhhhm.Okay.Sorry,cant find more.
25-8-2015 at 00:24
by: kecskesajt
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
I meant Ethanethiol.
24-8-2015 at 21:23
by: kecskesajt
Swift II software
24-8-2015 at 21:19
by: kecskesajt
H2SO4 hydratation
Végre még egy magyar SM tag.Alig vagy ...
24-8-2015 at 04:41
by: kecskesajt
Probably a very stupid idea to get lithium from a battery
Use baby oil.Make sure that it is mineral oil,otherwise,there will be a surprise.
22-8-2015 at 22:53
by: kecskesajt
Potassium peroxymonosulfate
KHSO5 + H2O -> KHSO4 + H2O2
Don't get in contact with his skin, but when it happens,flush it wit ...
22-8-2015 at 22:50
by: kecskesajt
Please do not "play" with Organic Peroxides.
Self experience:Dried good, cant detonate with friction,only detonated the 1/3 amount of powde ...
22-8-2015 at 06:37
by: kecskesajt
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