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Is Hg classified as crystalline at RTP?
Crystalline implies that there is some sort of order to the arrangement of atoms. With liquid metals ...
7-9-2013 at 15:32
by: AndersHoveland
New Preparations Paths for Copper Ammonium Nitrate
Do you need the ammonia? Is the reaction much slower without it? (just to get the copper to dissolve ...
7-9-2013 at 15:18
by: AndersHoveland
How can i reduce NiO to Nickel?
Typically poisonous hypophosphites are used to reduce nickel salts for nickel plating.
5-9-2013 at 16:23
by: AndersHoveland
substitution on hydrophosphites
It may be that the anti-cholinesterase activity of the monofluorophosphate ion is just several order ...
4-9-2013 at 12:49
by: AndersHoveland
substitution on hydrophosphites
rather interesting article related to the subject:

monof ...
2-9-2013 at 21:06
by: AndersHoveland
substitution on hydrophosphites
I have a question about nucleophilic substitution on hydrophosphite groups.

The first thing that ...
2-9-2013 at 20:48
by: AndersHoveland
easiest ADN synthesis ?
There are several possible routes:

[quote]Preparation A

17g potassium sulfamate was added in s ...
2-9-2013 at 14:24
by: AndersHoveland
HNO3 and HDPE issue
[rquote=297465&tid=25944&author=blogfast25]Chemically HDPE has the structure of a very, very ...
1-9-2013 at 21:32
by: AndersHoveland
Silicon Thermite
[rquote=297254&tid=25921&author=metalresearcher] I tried the lowest ratio 100:72:27 (I made ...
31-8-2013 at 18:17
by: AndersHoveland
Trichloride failure
found this:
[quote]Hydrazoic acid is also made by treating nitrogen chloride, NCl[sub]3[/sub], or a ...
31-8-2013 at 08:32
by: AndersHoveland
Upsalite ? pure MgCO3
This is very interesting, it appears that methanol saturated with carbon dioxide (under pressure) ca ...
28-8-2013 at 12:30
by: AndersHoveland
low order detonations
One strategy to make these compounds resistant to low order detonation is to mix in another explosiv ...
28-8-2013 at 04:03
by: AndersHoveland
Vanadium Sulfate - does it exist?
A question then, why does vanadium metal react with hydrochloric acid to form vanadium in the +5 oxi ...
27-8-2013 at 09:24
by: AndersHoveland
Tosylhydrazide from Chloramine T?
[rquote=296909&tid=25851&author=manimal] would follow the general paradigm of the classical ...
26-8-2013 at 23:29
by: AndersHoveland
Vanadium Sulfate - does it exist?
It is very difficult to get vanadium to dissolve in hydrochloric acid or dilute sulfuric acid, but i ...
26-8-2013 at 22:57
by: AndersHoveland
Nitromethane + hydroxide reaction
Nitromethane quickly reacts with a concentrated aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide to form the sod ...
26-8-2013 at 22:34
by: AndersHoveland
Convert US power cord to european.
You might be able to get your hot plate rated for higher voltage to run on lower voltage. Certainly ...
25-8-2013 at 12:31
by: AndersHoveland
Graphene wiki page, what does this mean?
Probably there will be an osmotic pressure effect. This could potentially hinder all the water from ...
25-8-2013 at 12:11
by: AndersHoveland
HNO3 is a terrible NO3- source...why use it?
Here is a different method for preparation of nitronium tetrafluoroborate:
[quote]Prepare a mixture ...
24-8-2013 at 08:14
by: AndersHoveland
Interesting Dinitramide salts?



MgN2(NO ...
23-8-2013 at 15:38
by: AndersHoveland
KClO3 heated to make KClO4
I also want to point out here that it is important that the chlorate being heated is free from trans ...
23-8-2013 at 07:16
by: AndersHoveland
Indole Synthesis
[rquote=167577&tid=13152&author=Waffles SS]
[img] ...
22-8-2013 at 23:17
by: AndersHoveland
Super explosives based on high nitrogen content salts
[rquote=296515&tid=25650&author=Praxichys]I wonder if this could yield bis(2,2,2-[b]tri[/b]n ...
22-8-2013 at 09:39
by: AndersHoveland
Detonation Velocity of organic explosive cannot exceed 11 Km/s
What about using exploding wire filaments throughout the explosive to detonate the mass simultaneous ...
22-8-2013 at 09:23
by: AndersHoveland
Detonation Velocity of organic explosive cannot exceed 11 Km/s
[rquote=296408&tid=25538&author=Dany]the detonation of boron containing explosive generate c ...
21-8-2013 at 22:52
by: AndersHoveland
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