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Nitrating with AlNO3
There are already some threads involving this topic: ...
26-12-2022 at 15:01
by: Amos
Making Chromium salts fron Chromates
First and foremost: Do not use hydrochloric acid to produce dichromate from chromate solutions; if y ...
23-12-2022 at 07:29
by: Amos
fenton's reagent and picric acid liquid disposal
I'd just keep on evaporating the leftover liquid; you stand to get a lot more picric acid that way, ...
10-10-2022 at 11:57
by: Amos
an annoying copper complex
Contrary to a lot of internet pages, you can actually boil or evaporate this complex to concentrate ...
2-9-2022 at 09:49
by: Amos
Purifying NaOH from drain opener
I can't think of a particularly large number of reactions where some salt will cause issues. I would ...
17-8-2022 at 12:23
by: Amos
Cleaning Up Hexane with Rooto Sulfuric Acid
In general technical grade reagents(at least in the US) usually contain some kind of contaminant as ...
29-7-2022 at 05:12
by: Amos
What is my best bet at diggesting a mix of all elements that can form acetates at once, as I would do with nitric acid?
People need to stop saying "I will substitute X for Y" if they don't know how the phrase works. Subs ...
25-7-2022 at 17:42
by: Amos
Dumpster dive glassware/equipment sale!
Like others here I'm very interested in the pricing. I could use a couple well-made condensers.
26-6-2022 at 07:51
by: Amos
Replacement for Chloroform?
I'm going to go ahead and type up an overreaction here that I can access later. I'm tired of this su ...
4-6-2022 at 12:10
by: Amos
Hygroscopic vs High Solubility
I'm going to try to explain hygroscopy as a concept and hopefully not mess anything up. Solubility a ...
30-5-2022 at 05:11
by: Amos
What to do with styrene?
The hydration of styrene gives 1-phenylethanol, which in addition to smelling nice, can easily be ox ...
30-5-2022 at 04:53
by: Amos
Nice complex and precipitate of sodium chlorite
A yellow-brown salt that turns green in a day sounds very likely to be an anhydrous salt that hydrat ...
22-5-2022 at 06:04
by: Amos
Replacement for Chloroform?
This is a science forum. Other users don't want to look through your petty squabbles trying to find ...
22-5-2022 at 06:02
by: Amos
Cleaning Nitric Acid Stains from Skin
Why would you shun your chemist battle scars? They're to be worn with pride! Real talk, doing MORE d ...
1-5-2022 at 05:31
by: Amos
Fractional freezing to GAA
If you don't have much success freezing it out, this could be the perfect excuse to buy a larger boi ...
1-5-2022 at 05:26
by: Amos
Getting Celite 545 out of a medium frit?
My first thought was would be clamping it upside down while dry, blowing air through, and applying s ...
26-3-2022 at 04:58
by: Amos
I have extra bulk chemicals I can't use.
I'm fairly close to you then, I'll send you a DM.
26-3-2022 at 04:50
by: Amos
Arsenic disposal
Copper(II) aresenate is very, very insoluble at neutral or high pH, and would make a pretty nice tro ...
26-3-2022 at 04:48
by: Amos
Benzaldehyde By Reduction Of Benzoic Acid
Obtaining benzyl alcohol and oxidizing is definitely your best bet, or buying benzaldehyde directly ...
27-2-2022 at 06:38
by: Amos
Unidentified copper salts
[rquote=671338&tid=158392&author=MineMan]Chrysicolla and azurite. Some copper acetate left o ...
23-2-2022 at 12:39
by: Amos
Unidentified copper salts
Well that's incredibly simple to test, just see if it effervesces in dilute acid
17-2-2022 at 10:47
by: Amos
Unidentified copper salts
I encountered that brilliant, almost royal blue species once when I accidentally boiled copper(II) a ...
16-2-2022 at 14:42
by: Amos
Anthranilic Acid crystals turn dark. Why?
Every aniline derivative does this. The oxidized impurity is very potent in color and just a miniscu ...
13-2-2022 at 06:53
by: Amos
Generating gases from OTC materials
NaCl does not react with aluminium. Period. Sodium ions are not reduced to sodium metal, and metals ...
11-2-2022 at 11:14
by: Amos
Mass-production of copper acetate from metallic copper and vinegar
If all of the acetic acid is consumed in the aforementioned reactions, you'll start to get what I be ...
11-2-2022 at 11:04
by: Amos
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