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The biggest danger is the ignorance to danger.
[rquote=464593&tid=70212&author=aga]More like a test to see if any of the residents remember ...
12-1-2017 at 12:23
by: Amos
Diphenylmorpholine's collected organic chem and drug related conjecture threads
At the very least, one could conceivably fractionally distill the myriad of products and keep a low- ...
10-1-2017 at 07:25
by: Amos
Looking to buy 500g of mercury in Melb
I know diddi has more than a fair bit, not sure if he's interested in selling, though.
10-1-2017 at 07:17
by: Amos
Asian supermarket alum.
I always see some alum or another, sometimes the classic potassium aluminium sulfate, sometimes ammo ...
1-1-2017 at 19:28
by: Amos
Solubility of phthalic anhydride and resorcinol in sulfuric acid?
The two reactants melt together rather nicely as they react, even without any sulfuric acid present. ...
28-12-2016 at 20:50
by: Amos
Pretty Pictures (2)
Some big boys


It's simply sodium sulfate that I got as a byproduct of maki ...
20-12-2016 at 22:18
by: Amos
Copper Citrate
I love how mayko swiftly ended all the bickering and conjecture above and nobody said anything about ...
12-12-2016 at 14:23
by: Amos
H2S preparation
[rquote=468777&tid=71212&author=Derek McOlund]Well I'm working on a projekt to convert MnSO4 ...
12-12-2016 at 08:02
by: Amos
Hydroxynorketamine's actions at receptors in human brain
8-12-2016 at 14:40
by: Amos
Concentrating HF solution
I agree wholeheartedly. What makes a particular chemical reagent dangerous has more to do with your ...
8-12-2016 at 10:40
by: Amos
Concentrating HF solution
Treating calcium or barium fluoride with chilled aqueous sulfuric acid and filtering off the precipi ...
8-12-2016 at 08:42
by: Amos
Benzylamine via the delepine reaction
Since most compounds have similar solubility profiles in different chlorinated solvents, you could a ...
8-12-2016 at 07:31
by: Amos
dioxane gunk removal
I'll second Woelen's idea. Chromic acid is very effective at getting rid of nasty organic residues, ...
6-12-2016 at 09:36
by: Amos
Water BP seems lower with copper salts
Yeah, IR is not going to cut in in this case. Use that for opaque surfaces only, and even then, that ...
6-12-2016 at 07:56
by: Amos
heating round bottom on hotplate
Wrapping aluminium foil around the flask in a conical shape will keep hot air in and much better ins ...
2-12-2016 at 09:18
by: Amos
Pretty Pictures (2)
[rquote=467967&tid=26378&author=Hegi][rquote=467963&tid=26378&author=Amos]Some large ...
1-12-2016 at 12:03
by: Amos
Pretty Pictures (2)
Some large crystals of nootkatone, a naturally occurring sesquiterpene, that I grew at work as one o ...
1-12-2016 at 10:37
by: Amos
Making H2SO4 using sodium bisulfite
Sodium metabisulfite dissolves in water to give essentially the same solution as bisulfite would.

30-11-2016 at 14:06
by: Amos
p-Dichlorobenzene and Ferric Chloride
[rquote=467777&tid=71038&author=JnPS]That sounds like it would work, could always just ...
30-11-2016 at 06:53
by: Amos
Where to start in terms of chemistry reactions?
If you like viewing different colors and are interested in inorganic chemistry, start with copper! T ...
28-11-2016 at 14:25
by: Amos
Blue Flame
If you have a solvent in mind for your use that can also dissolve ammonium chloride as well as the c ...
21-11-2016 at 08:06
by: Amos
Should I use a ball mill for thermite?
Cooking basic copper carbonate in an oven produces copper(II) oxide, not copper(I). And I have very ...
17-10-2016 at 09:01
by: Amos
Grignard work up
Your brown residue is most likely a number of side products or impurities from your initial reagents ...
17-10-2016 at 08:58
by: Amos
Starter Lab Safety
If you have the fridge there already, you may as well continue using it for the acids and the oxidiz ...
16-10-2016 at 09:01
by: Amos
Making Manganese nitrate
In-situ sulfur dioxide generation works as a method of dissolving MnO2; just add your manganese diox ...
7-10-2016 at 07:02
by: Amos
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