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Phenylacetonitrile from Phenylalanine
Excellent work, and thanks for the mention. Do you have access to any instruments to determine the s ...
15-8-2017 at 09:30
by: Amos
Are HCl fumes not that strong or are these fumes not HCl?
Don't rule out other amines, either. I've seen rooms fogged spectacularly by HCl interacting with tr ...
13-6-2017 at 07:40
by: Amos
Extraction of pH indicator from black pellargonium
This sounds like anthocyanins might be a major contributor to the color. If you extract the petals w ...
13-6-2017 at 07:00
by: Amos
RBF Male joint
I will second Praxichys's suggestion to use a double male adapter. It's cheaper and you have a solut ...
1-6-2017 at 13:32
by: Amos
Nice deal on 100 mL glass reagent bottles, US shipper
those plastic caps are extremely durable and reliable, I love em.
30-5-2017 at 08:54
by: Amos
Does anybody work in the "chemistry field"?
So I'm an engineering student (bioengineering to be exact; I've only had a modicum of chemistry educ ...
26-5-2017 at 22:11
by: Amos
Solvents from the destructive distillation of sugar?
If I decide to try this out on a larger scale with actual glassware, can anyone recommend a cheap an ...
23-5-2017 at 09:47
by: Amos
Preparation of Copper (I) oxide from copper?
If you treat copper(II) sulfate solution with ascorbic acid, you will end up with a fine precipitate ...
19-5-2017 at 23:04
by: Amos
Aniline-P-Sulfonic Acid Group Buy
I appreciate your industriousness and effort, though. If you come up with any other bulk buy ideas l ...
18-5-2017 at 08:28
by: Amos
Women in Chemistry
I'm in an engineering program where the gender ratio is about 3:1 male to female, but the individual ...
15-5-2017 at 20:28
by: Amos
Mystery rock?
Most likely small amounts of iron(III). Pretty commonplace for rocks I've tried putting in hydrochlo ...
15-5-2017 at 17:58
by: Amos
Is paraformaldehyde and formaldehyde interchangeable?
If you like, there are many preparations online for preparing concentrated formaldehyde/formalin sol ...
12-5-2017 at 11:05
by: Amos
Pretty Pictures (2)
Tried my hand at synthesizing xanthopurpurin a little while ago and my first sample of purified mate ...
8-5-2017 at 11:02
by: Amos
Aniline-P-Sulfonic Acid Group Buy
I'll take a kilo
8-5-2017 at 04:52
by: Amos
Preperation of isbutyl nitrite
I recommend dissolving the alcohol in a minimal amount of water with good and persistent stirring be ...
4-5-2017 at 10:09
by: Amos
Aniline-P-Sulfonic Acid Group Buy
How would one remove the sulfonic acid group attached to give aniline? Base hydrolysis/fusion would ...
4-5-2017 at 09:59
by: Amos
Opinions on this HBr synth
Given just how much cheaper sodium bisulfate is compared to sulfuric acid, I say give it a try and r ...
2-5-2017 at 18:35
by: Amos
Chromates from stainless steel! How does it work?
There's actually no such thing as chromium carbonate. Chromium(III) solutions precipitate as either ...
2-5-2017 at 06:52
by: Amos
Small Scale Halocline
Copper being taken into or from your solution via your electrodes likely occurred on a pretty small ...
1-5-2017 at 10:36
by: Amos
Bisulfite adduct issues
[rquote=481813&tid=73704&author=CharlieA]Do you have a reference for preparing bisulfite add ...
1-5-2017 at 05:47
by: Amos
Chloroform & Cu2+ Storage
I've got a few dozen of the exact same scintillation vials; chloroform will not appreciably damage t ...
30-4-2017 at 16:17
by: Amos
The Problem with SynthSource
[rquote=481766&tid=73682&author=elementcollector1]Quick question about the acid-generating r ...
28-4-2017 at 07:54
by: Amos
The Problem with SynthSource
[rquote=481689&tid=73682&author=Melgar]Sodium metal? From one of those old breeder reactors ...
27-4-2017 at 10:56
by: Amos
reaction between sulfur dioxide and sodium hypocholrite
Yup, a lot less interesting than you may have wanted to hear. Chlorosulfonic acid and its salts can' ...
20-4-2017 at 12:09
by: Amos
Alternative hobbies that appeal to those with interest in chemistry
I feel like cooking is accurate but baking in particular suits a chemist; you'd be amazed at how tec ...
20-4-2017 at 10:33
by: Amos
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