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pyridine for sale uk?
Try this thread:

ytterbium is selli ...
11-8-2021 at 08:56
by: AngelEyes
Ammonium Nitrate from Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
Seems like a hell of a faff to get Ammonium Nitrate.

Also, "I wanted to cover the synthesis of a ...
24-6-2021 at 06:53
by: AngelEyes
Reagents for sale UK
I bought some of the reagents sold by ytterbium (those three listed above). They were well packaged ...
19-4-2021 at 03:40
by: AngelEyes
What is generally legal or illegal in Germany/EU?
I'm based in the UK, and just had an unscheduled visit from the local constabulary.

First though ...
19-10-2020 at 14:15
by: AngelEyes
Book review...of sorts!
This is well worth a read:

There ...
2-9-2020 at 01:44
by: AngelEyes
Evolution of ammonia...cause for concern?
Thanks for the swift replies. I'll see if I can acquire some KOH and try Woelen's method.

3-9-2019 at 09:13
by: AngelEyes
Evolution of ammonia...cause for concern?

The title sums it up, I am getting small amounts of ammonia evolved from a pyrotechnic comp ...
3-9-2019 at 02:36
by: AngelEyes
CuCl2+CH3OH+DCM=blue flame?
I used Copper II Nitrate and that worked as do get a nice blue flame. However, be aware t ...
11-7-2019 at 07:43
by: AngelEyes
NH4 / K Perchlorate
Thanks for replies.

Fusso - I am looking to get K Perc as that's better for flash and lift charge ...
16-9-2018 at 09:30
by: AngelEyes
NH4 / K Perchlorate the UK it's a pain to get hold of certain materials - conc sulphuric being the latest victim ...
13-9-2018 at 07:23
by: AngelEyes
Borax - Green Flames with Methylated Spirits
Biodiesel suppliers is where I buy my methanol.
Also, lithium salts burn red too...can you source ...
19-12-2017 at 02:21
by: AngelEyes
Adding flame colorants to nitrocellulose
You'll need more than just 70% nitric, some conc sulphuric will be required too to dehydrate the NO3 ...
30-11-2017 at 08:24
by: AngelEyes
Heavy-Metal Chlorite & Sulfur
It's *any* chlorite and sulphur...not just heavy metals.

Years ago, I got hold of a small amount ...
21-11-2017 at 07:30
by: AngelEyes
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=495473&tid=25055&author=j_sum1]If you wish to avoid much of the evaporation process, ...
25-10-2017 at 07:52
by: AngelEyes
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=495441&tid=25055&author=The Volatile Chemist][rquote=495430&tid=25055&author ...
24-10-2017 at 00:29
by: AngelEyes
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Lithium Chloride

I have a solution of LiCl and I want to get the salt out without having to boil ...
23-10-2017 at 06:09
by: AngelEyes
Where do you draw the line?
Banning drugs, making them illegal, it what you will...but it'll never work.

I ...
11-8-2017 at 07:45
by: AngelEyes
Where is Blogfast25 ?
[rquote=487620&tid=71575&author=Fulmen][rquote=487609&tid=71575&author=j_sum1]It doe ...
13-7-2017 at 07:28
by: AngelEyes
Get methanol from antifreeze?
Just go any nearby place that sells biodiesel can buy it by the gallon there!
8-5-2017 at 05:33
by: AngelEyes
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
I have posted in this thread before, but I want to add two natural smells that I am not sure have be ...
18-4-2017 at 06:42
by: AngelEyes
WARNING-ripoff company, UK
Yup, I can vouch for this too. Tried to order a few bits last year - order went through fine, got an ...
10-2-2017 at 07:11
by: AngelEyes
A new webpage, exploration of roots of polynomials
I mean, I don't understand any of it...but at least I can see where AMD got their new R ...
9-2-2017 at 07:22
by: AngelEyes
Metallic Hydrogen
Nice...fascinating stuff. But at the top it states this:

"The material - atomic metallic hydrogen ...
27-1-2017 at 07:49
by: AngelEyes
What's going on with my H2SO4 draincleaner? Will not clarify with H2O2.
Maybe filter it through activated charcoal?
I think that will remove a lot of the more solid and p ...
6-1-2017 at 06:51
by: AngelEyes
Do Walgreens Instant Cold Packs still contain Ammonium Nitrate?
AngelEyes. Obviously anything found in cold pa ...
27-10-2016 at 05:40
by: AngelEyes
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