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Thionyl Chloride
Should be possible, as long as you're removing all the Li metal surely.
Don't come up with the idea ...
7-3-2011 at 04:04
by: Chaoschemist
Heating Flammables in Test Tubes
[quote]Are experiments like this unsafe, or I'm I just over-thinking this? If the gas did ignite, do ...
6-3-2011 at 10:16
by: Chaoschemist
DIY distillation app
Fear of breaking it?
In case of a larger setup/speciality cooking (e.g.pyrolysis) it could be recom ...
3-3-2011 at 09:54
by: Chaoschemist
DIY distillation app
[quote]The apparatus would be for chemistry not brewing so it would have to be resistant to strong a ...
3-3-2011 at 09:10
by: Chaoschemist

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