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The trouble with neodymium...
The chemical element neodymium has the symbol Nd and the atomic number 60. It is the fourth element ...
11-4-2022 at 01:54
by: Colleen Ortiz
Formation of limestone stalactites
Hello, if you have issues knowing the English names, you can learn them quickly https://ksa.mytutors ...
4-4-2022 at 00:17
by: Colleen Ortiz
Hydrazine has the chemical formula N2H4 and is an inorganic substance. It is a colorless flammable l ...
30-3-2022 at 00:41
by: Colleen Ortiz
Please do not "play" with Organic Peroxides.
Every organic or inorganic compound must be handled delicately: ...
17-3-2022 at 06:34
by: Colleen Ortiz
Small scale production of H2SO4 in the amateur lab
The contact method produces sulfuric acid from sulfur, oxygen, and water. Sulfur is burnt in ...
17-3-2022 at 04:33
by: Colleen Ortiz
What are the best classes to take at university to gain knowledge on drug synthesis or energetics?
First, you need to focus on this particular course only if you want to learn anything. Focus is one ...
9-3-2022 at 03:45
by: Colleen Ortiz
book recomendations?
E-books are the best in this context. If you are looking for places to find E-books, click h ...
8-3-2022 at 02:11
by: Colleen Ortiz
Best Place to learn Chemistry Online (Beginner to Expert) ?
Here is a list of websites where you can learn chemistry online
On Udemy, you may fi ...
3-3-2022 at 00:18
by: Colleen Ortiz
Grignard Reaction Reference Book
Thank you for sharing this
Here is a list of my picks for the suggested topics
Handbook of Grignar ...
2-3-2022 at 00:02
by: Colleen Ortiz
Grignard catalyst
Hello, my choice would be Zinc II
The Grignard Reaction is a reaction in which an organomagnesium h ...
1-3-2022 at 23:36
by: Colleen Ortiz
Does anyone has an access to SciFinder to help in something?
SciFinder is a curated collection of chemical and bibliographic information from the Chemical Abstra ...
1-3-2022 at 03:14
by: Colleen Ortiz
Drug Database Link
This is such an elaborate database. Thank you for it. In case someone cant access it, here are a few ...
1-3-2022 at 00:50
by: Colleen Ortiz
Re: The problem of hydrolysis of nitrile and Grignard reagent
Grignard reagents can create an imine salt by attacking the electrophilic carbon in a nitrile. After ...
27-2-2022 at 23:38
by: Colleen Ortiz
Re: Two FREE tools you probably didn't even know you had!
LaTex is an amazing tool to use for all things. I like to use it, especially for documentati ...
22-2-2022 at 05:03
by: Colleen Ortiz
Re: Nitric Acid and Silver Nitrate
Preparing Silver nitrate using nitric acid is extremely easy.
Many tests, such as halide d ...
21-2-2022 at 02:58
by: Colleen Ortiz
Re:The crudest anti bumping + increase heating efficiency
When boiling water, aluminum appears to be an excellent anti-bumping agent; it makes the water boil ...
11-2-2022 at 04:19
by: Colleen Ortiz
Water and fuel mix?
When Aluminum and Water react, During shipment, handling, outdoor storage, unintentional damage, or ...
27-1-2022 at 22:53
by: Colleen Ortiz
Shooting oxygen tank shows fire and no fuel ??
Hello, this looks like a cool experiment. Oxygen is not combustible. It has the ability to make an e ...
26-1-2022 at 03:13
by: Colleen Ortiz
Project: Making thionyl chloride from easy-to-get precursors
This is such an insightful post. I have always found thionyl chloride fascinating myself. SO ...
25-1-2022 at 01:11
by: Colleen Ortiz

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