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Did eBay pull all iodine crystal/prill listings?
Looks like they [i]tried[/i], but I still found a few listings based on one of my past purchases:

26-6-2024 at 17:05
by: CouchHatter
Repair of broken drain of reactor
Can you post a pic of the reactor? I'm having trouble visualizing the design. Is that burned glue on ...
26-6-2024 at 16:55
by: CouchHatter
Amineptine methyl ester pharmacodynamics
I would also be skeptical of any drug with 'inept' in the name.
5-10-2023 at 05:43
by: CouchHatter
my rogue 40/35 ground glass joint
I pronounce thee lid and collar! It took some elbow grease, and real grease, but now that it's all c ...
23-1-2023 at 16:00
by: CouchHatter
What does your periodic table look like? (collection)
can you post a picture of natrium? and neodymium?

I am short on samples, but they will come gradu ...
23-1-2023 at 11:54
by: CouchHatter
my rogue 40/35 ground glass joint
Thank you all, these are great suggestions. I will keep you appraised of the results.
The glass pi ...
22-1-2023 at 12:49
by: CouchHatter
Synthesis of Nitrotoluene
Welcome, and what a great post with pics. RIP flask. Good job on the recovery. We like failure aroun ...
22-1-2023 at 12:40
by: CouchHatter
my rogue 40/35 ground glass joint
I thought I'd save money by buying a vacuum desiccator missing its collar (first mistake).
I sized ...
20-1-2023 at 07:01
by: CouchHatter
Poor mans fume hood
Way to go! Sounds a lot like my first hood, and upcycling saves $$$. I hope it serves you well, mine ...
27-6-2022 at 06:26
by: CouchHatter
my ethanol is corrosive
I have some denatured ethanol from a drum, and it smells like those bubble straw toys from the 90s. ...
8-3-2022 at 18:46
by: CouchHatter
Alternative uses for an illegally owned Oxygen tank?
I second AvBayer's suggestions - if you filled them in on how you obtained it, I imagine that the co ...
4-1-2022 at 09:39
by: CouchHatter
Distilled vs Deionized Water
Previously, I was under the impression that, when it came to distilled vs. DI, distilled water was m ...
15-10-2021 at 04:52
by: CouchHatter
Bugger YouTube
It's a slim shot, but someone might have archived the page on If you can still dig up t ...
9-10-2021 at 14:19
by: CouchHatter
Has any hobbyists ordered chemicals from Sigma-Aldrich?
I bought a 1L sep funnel from sigma in 2018 as an individual. Maybe things change, or they treat gla ...
9-8-2021 at 08:09
by: CouchHatter
my periodic display
I have been imagining this for a couple of years. Finally put in the work to build it - now the coll ...
3-7-2021 at 18:45
by: CouchHatter
Aspirator vacuum pump
Colder water.
Eliminate the tubing on the aspirator bottom.
Check for debris in your aspirator. ...
10-5-2021 at 09:32
by: CouchHatter
potassium chlorate for sale in the USA
It's Azko Nobel technical grade stuff. Including the shipping to 48 states, it's $30/kilogram. You c ...
15-4-2021 at 13:48
by: CouchHatter
book about amateur rocketry
I used to have a PDF of a particular book that I am quite sure I got from this forum (or someone pre ...
5-12-2020 at 19:57
by: CouchHatter
I ordered from on Oct 18 and haven't gotten tracking...
I ordered a Laboy flask and adapter through their Amazon store in mid June, and it was supposed to b ...
1-11-2020 at 07:11
by: CouchHatter
Hydrochloric acid causing HDPE to bubble
A little more than a year on, I have put my conc. HCl into a glass wine jug. It has worked exception ...
20-9-2020 at 18:23
by: CouchHatter
Need an adaptor for new vacuum pump
I have a spray/suck back trap for my aspirator. For hose barbs I simply drilled a hole through two b ...
17-9-2020 at 21:20
by: CouchHatter
Fume Hood Construction
How many CFM or RPM is your exhaust blower? My blower manages to cause a draft from the lab below ev ...
29-8-2020 at 17:28
by: CouchHatter
what happens to over-whipped cream?
It is well known in the (kitchen) literature that if you whip cream or eggs for too long, it becomes ...
29-8-2020 at 16:15
by: CouchHatter
Fume Hood Construction
Your hood looks solid, Abromination. I missed your followup posts. Glad I could give you some good i ...
29-8-2020 at 14:41
by: CouchHatter
Separating flammable chemicals
After finding this very nice pdf from Tennessee State Uni, I feel much better about my storage syste ...
16-8-2020 at 18:39
by: CouchHatter
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