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It's the same
Erythritol and meso-Erythritol is the same thing.
21-10-2003 at 11:31
by: Flying Dutchman
Sucralose Nitrate
al23x, you used 12 grams of NH<sub>4</sub>NO<sub>3</sub> and 5.9 grams of no ...
14-5-2003 at 06:40
by: Flying Dutchman
And offcourse if you need a higher concentration of H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub& ...
13-3-2003 at 11:46
by: Flying Dutchman
AP Radical Changing
There are more peroxides, HMTD is one of them. Do a search on E&W and you'll find more peroxides.
28-1-2003 at 15:14
by: Flying Dutchman
Happy citric time:-)
Well finally got some good citric acid, I'll try Mega's synth in 3 days, Will post results with pics ...
6-1-2003 at 14:41
by: Flying Dutchman
HMTD problem
my HTMD: 50 grams of 30%H2O2
15 grams of Hexamine
72 grams of 29% HCl
And after 4 an ...
31-10-2002 at 13:48
by: Flying Dutchman
HMTD problem
just treat it with alot of respect! treat it like it can detonate every second!
than you would be j ...
31-10-2002 at 04:32
by: Flying Dutchman
E&W Forum stagnating?
Well let's all hope they are just updating:D
Making the libary and stuff like that...

30-10-2002 at 14:03
by: Flying Dutchman
HMTD problem
Very intresting,
I'm going to oder some HNO3 so if you would be so kind too think it out in the the ...
30-10-2002 at 14:01
by: Flying Dutchman
E&W Forum stagnating?
Yeah this mess started at the 26th now being the 30th it's been offline for 4 days!

30-10-2002 at 10:47
by: Flying Dutchman
some little programs
I downloaded the thing but the zip file won't open:(
30-10-2002 at 04:16
by: Flying Dutchman
E&W Forum stagnating?
so am I the onlyone having trouble coming on RogueSci? I can't get up there! it says : RougeSci is c ...
30-10-2002 at 04:10
by: Flying Dutchman
Email mega
Can somebody give me the email adress of megalomania?
I'm a member of RogueSci but I lost my passwo ...
30-10-2002 at 03:48
by: Flying Dutchman

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