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Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
Dialysis membrane can be found on amazon cheap along with the plastic clips to secure it. If for som ...
22-3-2018 at 09:14
by: HammerOfLight
El-cheapo xray gas scintillation probe - in a paint can
I knocked out a sensitive ION chamber using a soup can, a plastic bead, a straightened paper clip, a ...
7-10-2013 at 21:48
by: HammerOfLight
Trisodium Phosphate as a Glassware Cleaner
It's an excellent additive to just about any soap for cleaning, cuts greases and oils really well, a ...
2-9-2013 at 20:58
by: HammerOfLight
Hydrogen Sulfide: Generation and Storage
I once used aluminum sulfate (garden center) and Calcium, lime, rust generic toilet bowl cleaner to ...
27-7-2013 at 23:56
by: HammerOfLight
Does anyone develop their own photography?
Wow haven't used that stuff in years, if I remember right it was a chelator ans antioxidant used to ...
27-7-2013 at 09:06
by: HammerOfLight
Anybody want a 1940's ECG unit I overhauled?
I bought this, and restored it, it works, not as sensitive as a modern unit, but I repaired the wood ...
27-7-2013 at 09:00
by: HammerOfLight
What kind of vacuum pump is suitable for a 24/40 setup?
Yeah, I am using a HVAC vacuum pump I bought at HARBORFREIGHT.COM, I added a manifold out of brass p ...
27-7-2013 at 08:57
by: HammerOfLight
DIY X-ray crystallography
Oh yes, I have seen this gentleman's web site. You can also produce some x-rays using a small light ...
30-5-2010 at 14:45
by: HammerOfLight
High Voltage power supply
Sorry, I am unfamiliar with those chips, I grew up with the 555, the 741 and the 74xx regulators, an ...
30-5-2010 at 09:10
by: HammerOfLight
DIY X-ray crystallography
If your using old receiver tubes, they do produce x-rays, but they are of the soft variety, so your ...
29-5-2010 at 20:49
by: HammerOfLight
High Voltage power supply
I've constructed a high voltage power supply, using a 555 timing ic, a lm741t voltage regulator, and ...
29-5-2010 at 20:41
by: HammerOfLight
[rquote=22132&tid=1598&author=axehandle]If someone finds a "stone age" method of extracting ...
11-5-2010 at 17:42
by: HammerOfLight
He was trying to convert thorium into something else
He was on the right track, but never made it because his neutron gun was short low energy thermal ne ...
11-5-2010 at 17:37
by: HammerOfLight
I actually was referring to
I was referring to actual electroporation equipment and curvettes, I have found equipment on e-bay f ...
16-3-2010 at 08:36
by: HammerOfLight
Cinnamon as an anti-microbial?
Cinnamon is also a potent antioxidant, and it stimulates insulin response in people with type 2 diab ...
13-3-2010 at 22:44
by: HammerOfLight
Electroporation help

I haven't been on much, being married really killed my spare time to work on my own projec ...
13-3-2010 at 22:38
by: HammerOfLight
Picking the right condenser?
I have the following;
Graham Condenser
Liebig Condenser
Packed Collumn
Vigreux Column
Allihn Co ...
13-3-2010 at 22:32
by: HammerOfLight
Human/Ape Crossbreeds
Scientific american has an article out about crossbreeding between our ancestors, and chimpanzees.
9-8-2007 at 10:39
by: HammerOfLight

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