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sartorius 2462
Does anyone know how to operate an ancient analytical balance like this?
9-12-2004 at 06:10
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
other patents
Other processes for preparation of ferrates are known and used, many of them also involving the reac ...
14-7-2004 at 03:11
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
seen this?
Abstract of US5746994

A method of producing ferrate is disclosed, in which Fe3+ is oxidized with ...
14-7-2004 at 02:28
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
my taste in chemical smells
My favorite smells are:

p-ethoxyphenol (reminds me of pistachio ...
12-7-2004 at 04:01
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
almost forgot
The reference for the tryptophan/acetophenone paper that claims the 100% yield I mentioned is:

Bu ...
5-7-2004 at 12:40
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
many thanks!
A very clever idea I must say! :cool:

Looks like it is ideal as a general home pressure bomb.
5-7-2004 at 05:44
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
I must be blind!
Why didn't I see this before?

Great find, many thanks!
2-7-2004 at 03:54
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
decarboxylation of tryptophan
There is an article from Bull. Soc. Chim. Fr. from the 1960s that claims 100% yield from the decarbo ...
2-7-2004 at 03:39
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
the nitrate salt has a catalytic effect
So the nitrate salt does not get consumed.

I don't know exactly why it does have this promo ...
12-5-2004 at 04:53
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
Have you read the patent?
Obviously not :D
Get your lazy ass up and read it! ;)

They use 1% of the weight of magnesium.

12-5-2004 at 02:32
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
have a look at the patent
at or

I couldn't say for sure why a catalytic amount of nitrate e ...
11-5-2004 at 00:22
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
check out this patent
US2816937 : Preparation of phenyl magnesium chloride

Not only do they use the much less reactive ...
9-5-2004 at 10:44
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
the patent
It is in US patent 1430304

Also, I seem to remember that it is not possible to get a quantitative ...
3-5-2004 at 08:55
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
Nobody mentioned the patent which uses sodium pyrosulfate and sodium acetate? (can't remember i ...
28-4-2004 at 10:11
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
phenylacetyl carbinol
phenylacetyl carbinol is a precursor for both norephedrine (aka phenylpropanolamine) and ephedrine.
28-4-2004 at 06:24
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig
ZnCl2 and basic salts
When hydrated ZnCl2 is heated, one is left chiefly with Zn(OH)Cl and HCl.

If you want anhydrous Z ...
4-8-2003 at 21:25
by: Hjalmar_Poelzig

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