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Exotic Primaries - Complex Salts
[rquote=183405&tid=1778&author=Taoiseach] Unfortunately I dont see how you can make this com ...
1-8-2010 at 23:55
by: Hoveland
Preparation of trinitromethane
Trinitromethane (nitroform, the acid of nitroformate) can probably be easily prepared through an unc ...
1-8-2010 at 23:40
by: Hoveland
Picric acid: different instructions
Phenol can be nitrated with 70% nitric acid, if gently heated. ...
1-8-2010 at 23:14
by: Hoveland
Borohydride synth?
Diborane can be made by fusing sodium boride with NaOH.
6NaOH + 4B --> 2Na3BO3 + B2H6
White Pho ...
30-7-2010 at 14:46
by: Hoveland
Novelty explosives
I have read of an explosive double salt of potassium chlorate and thiosulphate, but now cannot find ...
30-7-2010 at 13:47
by: Hoveland
Informations about nitrosoguanidine?
Could someone please help me. What is the formula for "nitroguanidine"? I have seen it in various pl ...
30-7-2010 at 13:43
by: Hoveland
Finkelstein reaction
Since this is in beginnings, I assume I am entittled to ask a stupid question here.

Would adding ...
28-7-2010 at 17:30
by: Hoveland
Why don't the electrons slam into the protons?
The truth is that scientists do not really know the answer. They have equations to describe particle ...
28-7-2010 at 17:01
by: Hoveland
Why do chemicals cake together?
A better question would be, why is it that after breaking a crystal of sodium chloride, which fractu ...
28-7-2010 at 16:40
by: Hoveland
how do these 2 chemicals react?
Sodium ethyl sulfate and sodium nitrite can be distilled to give off nitro ethane, but you will also ...
26-7-2010 at 09:46
by: Hoveland
1,2,2 trinitro propane
According to Jared Ledgard, in "The prepatory manual of explosives" (3rd edition),
1,1,1-trinitro, ...
23-7-2010 at 14:58
by: Hoveland
Water-based lubrication
"The answer to your question - can be found on Wiki Pedia."

Or on "wipipedia"...

http://www. ...
23-7-2010 at 01:26
by: Hoveland
High Yield Hydrazine Synthesis?

the condensation products of ...
23-7-2010 at 01:09
by: Hoveland
Ways to generate nitrogen dioxide(NO2)?
Heating potassium nitrate and sodiumbisulfate would not only give off NO2, but also H2O and O2.

S ...
23-7-2010 at 00:47
by: Hoveland
Electrolysis of aqueous acetate salts
I am absolutely certain that I read in a book that the methyl radical does indeed form.
The reactio ...
23-7-2010 at 00:29
by: Hoveland
Making a revised 'Anarchist Cookbook'
"One thing, there is not going to be a focus on energetic materials."

(quote from the ...
23-7-2010 at 00:03
by: Hoveland
Why was Anders Hoveland banned?
I was referring to the book "Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Trea ...
22-7-2010 at 23:29
by: Hoveland
Alkane nitration without acid
It would appear that melamine does not form stable nitramines. ...
22-7-2010 at 22:20
by: Hoveland
Why was Anders Hoveland banned?
I do not wish to oppress any minorities. I just beleive that people are generally happier living amo ...
20-7-2010 at 17:18
by: Hoveland
Why was Anders Hoveland banned?
I will not make any more speculative posts here.
I would like to point out that I did nothing wrong ...
20-7-2010 at 14:04
by: Hoveland

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