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HotPlate Branding
I don't recommend buying Chinese. Not only will they not heat too high, but they don't last very lon ...
15-7-2020 at 05:46
by: Keftedes89
Fisher Sci hotplate common faults
[rquote=636454&tid=155425&author=Steve s]Hi All
I'm trying to fix two identical hotplates w ...
21-5-2020 at 20:07
by: Keftedes89
Corning PC-420 Transformer Replacement
Check your U2U. I can probably help if you are in the USA
10-2-2020 at 23:34
by: Keftedes89
Anyone have a hotplate/stirrer they could part with?
How much are you looking to spend?
23-5-2019 at 23:09
by: Keftedes89
Please recommend some decent hotplates
W/r/t the IKA rebrand, are you talking about th ...
8-9-2018 at 19:25
by: Keftedes89
Please recommend some decent hotplates

BTW, if you are interested in fixing a few more, ...
8-9-2018 at 17:30
by: Keftedes89
Please recommend some decent hotplates
[rquote=534090&tid=90184&author=monolithic][rquote=534083&tid=90184&author=Keftedes8 ...
8-9-2018 at 17:11
by: Keftedes89
Please recommend some decent hotplates
I have seen may hotplates stirrers out there as I used to do repairs on them. I have played around w ...
8-9-2018 at 12:18
by: Keftedes89
IKA VISC S1 stirring hotplate repair.
I have extra display pcb for this model with potentiometers attached. PM me if you need it, I can sh ...
11-8-2018 at 20:10
by: Keftedes89
Elemental Scientific Survey
thanks tom! I have visited and ordered numerous times. It has always been a pleasure!
5-6-2015 at 22:18
by: Keftedes89
what happened to methoxyhydroquinone?
Hydroquinone undergoes oxidation to benzoquinone under mild conditions. Perhaps the same is happenin ...
3-12-2014 at 02:49
by: Keftedes89
Will this Reaction Work?
I am trying to make good leaving groups out of the alcohol groups in dihydroxyacetone. The problem i ...
3-12-2014 at 02:34
by: Keftedes89

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