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Ethyl alcohol, Absolute alcohol .

Is this material hard to come by in the uk , i only require a s ...
22-1-2007 at 21:32
by: Mental_sam
can any one recomend
A decent induction cooker , need to be able to reach temperture of 172 d c, thanks for any guidance. ...
12-1-2007 at 11:04
by: Mental_sam
Making Hydrochloric Acid
Is this worth it when you can purchase for 85$ /25ltrs from your local swiming pool shop ???
10-1-2007 at 14:44
by: Mental_sam
[quote][i]Originally posted by Maya[/i]

I know exactly where you can buy gallons of this ...
10-1-2007 at 07:38
by: Mental_sam
NH3.H20 solution (amine water )

Does any one no where i can purchase this materal.
I am finding ...
10-1-2007 at 06:07
by: Mental_sam
Importing restrictions
[quote][i]Originally posted by h0lx[/i]
Maybe it would help if you provided us with the information ...
9-1-2007 at 09:32
by: Mental_sam
Chemicals required
Any guidance on a supplier for these chemicals is much appreciated.

Amine water ,Dehydrated A ...
9-1-2007 at 09:29
by: Mental_sam
Importing restrictions
I am trying to import these chemicals but finding it very difficult to find any information on restr ...
9-1-2007 at 09:27
by: Mental_sam
Does any one have surgestions where i can find these ,

1.asbestos gauge
2.Suction Flask
3.boult ...
8-1-2007 at 14:52
by: Mental_sam

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