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Chemistry Glassware / Other Items For Sale
I just listed some general glassware (beakers, flasks, graduated cylinders, etc.), Kimble and Eisco ...
11-3-2022 at 08:47
by: MountainMan
new free Lab Software
1. macOS
2. Linux
3. Windows
22-1-2022 at 08:51
by: MountainMan
free Software for private chemists
Just to add a thought on interoperability: I'd seriously look at using Python as the main programmin ...
22-1-2022 at 08:49
by: MountainMan
Science-related items for sale
Thank you.
Also wanted all to know that I lowered the starting bid for the Organic Chem Glassware ( ...
3-10-2020 at 15:17
by: MountainMan
Science-related items for sale
I'm moving shortly (due to the recent death of my wife of 48 years) and have listed several science- ...
3-10-2020 at 11:48
by: MountainMan
Blowing 100k on science equipment
A high quality light microscope with video camera to transmit live images over the internet.
Stereo ...
2-7-2020 at 06:40
by: MountainMan
Isatoic anhydride hydrolysis to anthranilic acid
I'm trying to make a small amount of anthranilic acid from isatoic anhydride. (The anthranilic acid ...
14-9-2019 at 10:02
by: MountainMan
ISCO FOXY 200 Fraction Collector
Dr Bob: Please let me know the prices for each model plus estimated shipping (I'm in Prescott, AZ)
21-5-2019 at 10:52
by: MountainMan
ISCO FOXY 200 Fraction Collector
Yes, I checked on the UV LEDs from 260 to 280 nm that don't require a special driver and the prices ...
21-5-2019 at 07:08
by: MountainMan
ISCO FOXY 200 Fraction Collector
Does anyone have experience with this model ?
I've seen several on EBay and want to get one for som ...
14-5-2019 at 09:35
by: MountainMan
Extraction of human stem cells from blood (And another question)
In theory, yes.
However, you will need a fluorescent microscope and maintaining sterility could be ...
6-6-2018 at 08:24
by: MountainMan
Chemistry anylizer? -Siemens Dimension RxL Max
I'm a retired medical Lab director. The RXL is primarily used for small to medium size hospital lab ...
25-10-2017 at 07:29
by: MountainMan
Alternative hobbies that appeal to those with interest in chemistry
I have combined my interests in chemistry, electrochemistry, mineralogy and electronics / microcontr ...
20-4-2017 at 10:25
by: MountainMan
List of enzymes in human blood
I'm a medical laboratory director so maybe I can help but you'll have to narrow down your inquiry fo ...
1-5-2012 at 07:57
by: MountainMan
Making Sodium Silicate
I've tried something similar. Strongly recommend that use pure quartz sand ( SiO2 ) or you will get ...
25-4-2012 at 07:56
by: MountainMan
Microscale Kits
It does look like the Sigma kit. I have had 2 of the Sigma kits for several years. I believe Sigma d ...
13-4-2012 at 13:06
by: MountainMan
Model Chemical Engineering?
I share your interest. There is a great deal of work in at least several areas that might be of inte ...
10-4-2012 at 07:08
by: MountainMan
I have found MEK, Acetone, Methanol, and Xylene at Home Depot.

All of the above plus Toluene at A ...
12-12-2011 at 15:54
by: MountainMan
No DCM in Paint Strippers
Try a hobby shop. It's used as a plastic solvent / adhesive (at least in the USA) for model building ...
6-4-2011 at 13:21
by: MountainMan

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