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1H NMR predictor
lakersno, did you try searching for chemdraw on isohunt as I suggested in the PM?
4-9-2007 at 08:47
by: Phel
New Energetic Materials - Current Research
[b]The Sila-Explosives Si(CH2N3)4 and Si(CH2ONO2)4: Silicon Analogues of the Common Explosives Penta ...
25-6-2007 at 00:57
by: Phel
Separation of Acetone and Nitroethane
On the topic of the preparation of nitroalkanes, I had a look at the pages in Vogel Sauron mentioned ...
5-2-2007 at 14:12
by: Phel
How to find the similar structure in nature products?
Out of pure curiosity, what does the access to Beilstein cost? I have access to it from home via MDL ...
5-2-2007 at 12:29
by: Phel
1H NMR predictor
I believe there's a copy on one of the FTPs, and I got a copy from bittorrent. But IIRC they are bot ...
17-11-2006 at 12:12
by: Phel
New element collecting site!
Thanks for the link. Those Br crystals look amazing!
7-10-2006 at 16:48
by: Phel
Chemicals for Scintillation detectors ( Radiation detectors)
[quote][i]Originally posted by Canuck[/i]

BTW: Does anyone here know how to synth Anthracene ...
11-6-2006 at 15:53
by: Phel
Glyoxal Synthesis
I believe what you are looking for is "Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae". Looking forward to h ...
2-6-2006 at 17:36
by: Phel
Glyoxal Synthesis
[quote][i]Originally posted by rogue chemist[/i]
Could there possibly be a electrochemical route to ...
1-6-2006 at 18:02
by: Phel
Silver / Copper Nitride
Hodges, here's a short description of Gold Acetylide taken from PATR2700 vol.1. Hope this helps.
18-4-2006 at 14:41
by: Phel
Have you ever used off-campus access?
In Knovel, each chapter of a book is a single PDF. Open the chapter and use the button [Save a Copy* ...
21-3-2006 at 00:58
by: Phel
You'll want the nitrosonium ion (<sup>+</sup>N=O)in your diazotization, which won't be f ...
5-3-2006 at 06:57
by: Phel
IrC, I have the same problem:
I've been able to acces the ftp everytime just untill a couple of wee ...
5-3-2006 at 03:57
by: Phel
UV wavelength
Here's the paper: (Click PDF)
22-2-2006 at 18:07
by: Phel
toluene --> benzaldehyde
While browsing for a journal request for Sandmeyer I found this:

[i]Unusual reactivity of peroxo ...
21-2-2006 at 17:08
by: Phel
mcmurry cd wanted
Darblade, it's for the 4th edition (black and green cover) - but I have no clue why they didn't incl ...
20-2-2006 at 12:48
by: Phel
Forum upgraded!
I use the AdventureMedia theme, and the menu has some bugs. It looks like this:
|Search the forums ...
10-12-2005 at 17:29
by: Phel
Strenght of oxidizers
EDIT: AArg, I got through perhaps the first 200, and it wants me to subscribe:mad:
[/quote ...
27-11-2005 at 14:14
by: Phel
Kicked off the board?
A similar case happened to me when I tried to login in a few minutes ago.
I wasn't logged in, ...
6-11-2005 at 12:13
by: Phel
pyridine by the light
Here's the requested journal CherrieBaby:
28-10-2005 at 15:07
by: Phel
Anyone Knows Analytical Chemistry?
In case someone's still stuck, the quadratic equation should look like this:

([H<sup> ...
11-10-2005 at 11:42
by: Phel
The book [i]Chemistry of precious Metals[/i] is corrupt. Can someone upload it again? Thanks in adva ...
7-10-2005 at 16:06
by: Phel
Organic Chemical Physical Properties List
Thank you for sharing Natures Natrium, it looks good.
Perhaps this thread could be added to Bromic ...
25-8-2005 at 14:56
by: Phel
Within the next 24 hours, the following material will be on the FTP:

- Maple 9.5 (89 mb iso)

- ...
6-7-2005 at 15:18
by: Phel
Complete Rhodium archive found on eMule !
Good find, Lambda. But is it really this big (243mb)? My latest copy was updated August 8, 2003, siz ...
29-5-2005 at 13:17
by: Phel
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