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Sulphuric Acid
You must not take the MSDSs *too* seriously; they tend to overstate everything. You should not dilut ...
3-9-2007 at 10:47
by: Quantum
more frightening privacy stuff
I believe it would not be too difficult to wire a small switch into the battery area so you can turn ...
10-12-2006 at 18:28
by: Quantum
Swim et al.
I don't like the typical swim poster because of course they are so drug focused it's like a slap in ...
1-12-2006 at 21:47
by: Quantum
What else can Uranium be used for?
The super-fast computer would work somewhat like an atomic clock. The radioactive element w ...
14-8-2006 at 21:05
by: Quantum
Chloropicrin and its Odor
That is a very apt description Samosa - its almost like Liquid Knuckles in Snow Crash(sort of) - Rea ...
8-8-2006 at 16:42
by: Quantum
Chloropicrin and its Odor
I just made some for the first(and last) time today - I used a methanol solvent to carry it into the ...
7-8-2006 at 13:34
by: Quantum
So called 'professional' labs (and people think home chemistry is dangerous)
Do you do the same stuff when he works with lead or mercury? Unless it is U235 I think you are makin ...
2-8-2006 at 21:48
by: Quantum
Glassware, Chemicals, and Other Useful Lab Apparatus for Sale
I trust that you live in the USA and you are going to package these things well but avoid the HAZMAT ...
2-8-2006 at 14:34
by: Quantum
Obscure antiquated or household drugs
I dont even want to know what terrible things might happen if at the same time period there was some ...
1-7-2006 at 13:40
by: Quantum
Today's accepted 'cool' way of doing 'science'!
Such is the nature of the modern world. Knowledge is power and chemical knowledge is very suited to ...
14-6-2006 at 12:44
by: Quantum
Handling Nitrogen Triiodide NI3
Explosives have a way of weeding out the unworthy - or at least preventing them from typing for awhi ...
10-6-2006 at 06:15
by: Quantum
It's been more then 6 months! I have to bump
Please all people with gas masks read this and my above post. I have saved over 100 bucks and I want ...
5-6-2006 at 13:09
by: Quantum
Not Voodoo - A cool Wikipedia of Org Chem tec!
I am not sure if anyone has seen this page before but it looks to be very good. Of course if you hav ...
29-5-2006 at 10:56
by: Quantum
Wired Magazine has an article about Amateur Chemistry
I got in the post the latest Wired and it has a good article about amature chemistry - it even quote ...
22-5-2006 at 11:02
by: Quantum
New chemistry forum for Hive Bees
Well I understand the "between the lines" part just fine and I have never used meth in my life.

B ...
30-4-2006 at 19:19
by: Quantum
From my notebook
Three 500mL PET bottles were cut up into ~1cm.sq bits and massed to 22.0grams. The greenish(dyed) im ...
14-4-2006 at 17:27
by: Quantum
Home Chemistry and parents/friends/other people - the dangers of stupidity
I was inspired to make this post because I caught my sister picking up my DMSO bottle - by the neck ...
22-2-2006 at 16:09
by: Quantum
The-Hive as torrent
It would be hilarious if someone had httrack'd the complete Couch, only, and now put it out ...
21-2-2006 at 20:13
by: Quantum
"Food" grade nitrous oxide production and water displacement of the same
I was reading the old arc[i]hives[/i] and found this post:
[url= ...
19-1-2006 at 17:47
by: Quantum
Amateur chemistry and school
I keep it quite. I have only told 2 people my age and only after knowing they were cool with it. I t ...
18-1-2006 at 12:02
by: Quantum
tryptophan extraction from dead turkeys
[QUOTE]This is a chemical I find interesting I don't know why, and honestly I don't know hardly anyt ...
13-1-2006 at 18:39
by: Quantum
What did santa bring you for Xmas?
I think he means P not K?

I didn't get any chemistry type stuff this year but I did get a wifi ca ...
4-1-2006 at 12:26
by: Quantum
Compleat write up on distillation of DCM with pics
This is my second post in this thread and what a difference there is; more then a year has gone by a ...
8-11-2005 at 21:10
by: Quantum
Gas mask help/info
I have gotten my yearly funds for chemistry(aka birthday money:D) and I wish to buy some simple equi ...
12-9-2005 at 17:43
by: Quantum
Should the posts of post whores and other irrelevent posts be deleted from the forum?
Well first off I really enjoy reading long posts. That is why I like to read BLTC on totse because s ...
8-9-2005 at 16:40
by: Quantum
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