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pot. iodide in tap water
i am sure of my starch as i used it recently
& thanx for ur responses
23-4-2008 at 12:32
by: Sophism
Chemistry Software
23-4-2008 at 12:23
by: Sophism
pot. iodide in tap water
Dissolving KI in tap H2O give a yellow solution which upon adding Na2S2O3 it disappear, but the solu ...
24-3-2008 at 23:04
by: Sophism
Diethyl Ether - Illustrated Practical Guide
nice work
24-3-2008 at 22:20
by: Sophism
NaCl (s) + NH3 (aq.) = ????
I think either of them not pure, u have no ppt.ed salt or complex to be formed;)
15-2-2008 at 06:55
by: Sophism

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