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law in France
Thing is about France is that it isn't a total 'Nanny State' [Unlike the UK where I live] and Chemic ...
27-7-2008 at 09:08
by: Th0r
Help to stop extradition without evidence Sign the petition
Can you not provide an alternative home for your children, to stop them from being adopted? Such as ...
25-7-2008 at 08:40
by: Th0r
What's your job?
An update, I now have a small paying Saturday job with flexible hours. I basically got the job so I ...
2-7-2008 at 13:35
by: Th0r
From where are you?
The Glorious United Kingdom...

Take back the bit about it being 'Glorious'.
28-6-2008 at 14:05
by: Th0r
Annoying neighbors
Fair play, my neighbours despise me, and for good reason, some could say. I don't think it would be ...
26-6-2008 at 11:25
by: Th0r
Home experimenting or using a lab?
I do all my Chemistry in a storage room in my basement and in a tiny room at the back of my house th ...
26-6-2008 at 11:16
by: Th0r
What’s the average age?
I'm a late teen... I guess I got interested in Weapons, particularly firearms at a young age. Having ...
12-5-2008 at 13:02
by: Th0r
Choose a logo
I actually quite liked Woelen's design...

There's something about it, that I can't exactly put a ...
5-5-2008 at 08:50
by: Th0r
What's your job?
Scholar in Advanced History, Chemistry and standard Physics. I'm also studying Electronics and Germa ...
5-5-2008 at 08:41
by: Th0r
Poll: What is YOUR level of education??
I am currently a student...

Soon to finish school...
27-4-2008 at 11:31
by: Th0r
Chemistry Software

Thanks a lot 'franklyn'...

I have just hit a Gold mine. A lot of it might not be of any ...
27-4-2008 at 10:09
by: Th0r
Chemistry laws
[quote][i]Originally posted by BromicAcid[/i]
The BATF used to publish a book called the 'Orange Bo ...
27-4-2008 at 09:54
by: Th0r

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