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toluene --> benzaldehyde
Is there any straight synth for benzaldehyde from Benzene ? I'm interested in it cause I have g ...
22-6-2005 at 04:39
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
About CaC2 + ZnO reaction.... It doesn't work at all... Maybe at Super-Mega High temperatures. ...
24-4-2005 at 02:16
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
picramic acid from picric
This is sodium salt of picramic acid. Made by reducing TNP with Sodium Polysulfide.(SP prepared by d ...
2-4-2005 at 04:07
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
OK, I have question. Is Graham condenser suitable for HNO3 distillation ? I think Condensed(Sp?) HNO ...
17-3-2005 at 03:30
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
Unknown Substance/Explosive
Thank you all. You helped me a lot. THANKS !
21-2-2005 at 04:13
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
Unknown Substance/Explosive
Can you give exact formula of it ? Please. And where I can find more info on it ?
20-2-2005 at 08:52
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
Unknown Substance/Explosive
One my friend in old war ship and he found unknown red explosive substance. it burns cracking and le ...
19-2-2005 at 04:57
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
Excuse me of my ignorace ,but what's "TCCA"?
17-2-2005 at 07:26
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
Am I dead yet? How bout now? Now? Now? Now?
Yea, I now nitro-headaches. I have founded that: 5 Tables "Wobenzym" red tables for good f ...
3-2-2005 at 12:27
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
I like vanila , Chlorobutanol , Acetone , Tuluole. And Acetone Peroxide smell. The worst - ChloroAce ...
3-2-2005 at 12:23
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet
Tragic Glassware
Hmm, About 10months ago. I have made Hydrogen generator. It was with HCl and Al foil. With Water was ...
3-2-2005 at 12:15
by: UhhKaipShaltaBlet

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