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T-cell Gel Immune Response to Chickenpox
Basically, I was working around the lab and noticed something interesting. The T-Cell Gel has become ...
18-2-2019 at 02:58
by: VictorMedvil
Somatic Cellular Hybridization
[rquote=602400&tid=76592&author=Ubya]maybe a written description could help, this "how to" l ...
17-2-2019 at 08:56
by: VictorMedvil
How do I make a stock solution of ampicillin?
Buy this plasmid from Addgene or one like it, it will infinitely curn out ampicillin if merged with ...
17-2-2019 at 08:14
by: VictorMedvil
increasing biosynthesis of lanosterol
Add a stronger promoter region to the gene that does biosynthesis of Lanosterol if you are using som ...
17-2-2019 at 08:08
by: VictorMedvil
Bacteria suggestion for feeding
[rquote=602260&tid=80045&author=Tsjerk]Dude, you don't feed bacteria plasmids... [/rquote]
16-2-2019 at 06:21
by: VictorMedvil
Bacteria suggestion for feeding
I feed my Bacterial Plasmids, Sugar Water if Aquatic or Jello if needed in a liquid medium or Agar i ...
16-2-2019 at 04:12
by: VictorMedvil
Extraction of human stem cells from blood (And another question)
You can always use Viral Transfection to genetically alter the White Blood Cells or even Skin Cells ...
16-2-2019 at 03:06
by: VictorMedvil

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