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A question about "oil" rise (?)
I have a bottle (conical) full of fillers (microcritalline cellulose,maize amids, sodium starch ...
23-2-2007 at 05:16
by: WWGroove
rudeness on the board
how many post are little relevant? Relevant to WHO? Contribution to what?

Ignorant is only a ...
13-2-2007 at 06:07
by: WWGroove
Black Sugar?
Not pure sugar.
0.7Kg sugar 300ml water some acetic or citric acid. caramelize
add white egg,0.3 i ...
11-2-2007 at 17:01
by: WWGroove
Black Sugar?
Try search "epifania carbone"
9-2-2007 at 10:10
by: WWGroove
Black Sugar?
I put a g. of sugar,few drops H2SO4 in a petri.Yellow
Microwave 2 sec., is black,but not sugar anym ...
8-2-2007 at 15:53
by: WWGroove
Black Sugar?
I suppose you know about sugar and H2SO4 and I'm talking rubbish.
Sugar appear black,still sweet.
8-2-2007 at 15:28
by: WWGroove

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