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Uranium/Thorium salts for sale!
Hi all! I have the following chemicals available for those of you who want to experiment with (sligh ...
28-4-2011 at 06:39
by: Waffles
platinum crystal growing
There is a patent for the process. But it is my friend who grows them, and he has put significant wo ...
6-2-2011 at 15:12
by: Waffles
Are Element samples on the internet reliable ?
They are reliable, but expensive. If you look at chemical supply companies, you will have similar pr ...
12-9-2010 at 14:44
by: Waffles
Medical Laser
by the way, you can get an extraordinarily cheap (and fun) nightvision IR viewer from ...
21-2-2010 at 20:25
by: Waffles
I have a bunch of excess Pd/C, Engelhard material in original container I believe, give a U2U if you ...
18-9-2009 at 08:48
by: Waffles
What is the most advanced, complex subject in chemistry?
Jumpgate construction. What? Organic technology! Heh. Sorry, I grew up on Babylon 5.
19-6-2009 at 11:13
by: Waffles
Bad Chemistry on TV
On the other hand, for basement-made meth (basically all of it), I would expect you get a slight to ...
28-5-2009 at 20:48
by: Waffles
Youtube homemade nuclear reactors
Hey man, you were the one that started talking about Hahn's apparatus. The point of my spiel was jus ...
26-5-2009 at 18:42
by: Waffles
Youtube homemade nuclear reactors
The latter two are hilarious, the last one especially. Shittiest bullshit artist in the history of b ...
25-5-2009 at 17:14
by: Waffles
what material use to lacquer beryllium?
I have a beryllium cube that I want to protect from the environment. It is special high purity, so i ...
25-5-2009 at 16:55
by: Waffles
On the subject of ORMUS
Ouch ouch ouch Sedit Sedit Sedit English English English :( :( :(
5-2-2009 at 21:44
by: Waffles
Yttrium metal
Don't bother with chinese or any company not in North America or Europe for metals, chemicals, or ot ...
9-6-2008 at 19:38
by: Waffles
Practical guide for converting red P to white P
Quick thing- for a much less dangerous but still entertaining version of this, and where you still g ...
3-3-2008 at 16:10
by: Waffles
Pt (jewelry) Ir/Rh?
Pt/Ir is not commonly used in jewelry- Ir is very hard and difficult to work with, and melts at a mu ...
3-3-2008 at 15:43
by: Waffles
NaCl fusion to produce large single crystal?
You will not grow a single crystal by melting it, of any ionic compound- this is simply beyond the r ...
3-3-2008 at 15:33
by: Waffles
Highly explosive liquid zinc or copper compound
[quote][i]Originally posted by SsgtHAZMAT[/i]
There are literally hundreds of explosives we will no ...
3-3-2008 at 15:26
by: Waffles
Copper(II) Aspirinate Synthesis
Sweet post. Refreshing synth! Keep it up..
10-2-2008 at 13:54
by: Waffles
a rare specimen to Share with you all.
Where the fuck did you find that? Incredible.
24-1-2008 at 09:28
by: Waffles
I have an answer to both of your questions. Many many times more helium is generated by simple radio ...
2-1-2008 at 09:59
by: Waffles
Precious Metals Reclamation Thread (Photo Intensive!!)
Its pretty rad to see all the work put into my metals.

Fleaker knows his stuff, eh?
2-1-2008 at 09:41
by: Waffles
I think you should narrow your research and listing to the separate allotropes that are relatively s ...
19-12-2007 at 15:13
by: Waffles
Digg new

Take a ...
12-11-2007 at 10:53
by: Waffles
Platinum group refining...companies?
Does anyone have any experience with refiner companies? I have this impression that they are incredi ...
29-10-2007 at 09:29
by: Waffles
Lithium batteries
In my experience of ripping apart lithium batteries to scavenge the metal, the Li has in general bee ...
14-10-2007 at 13:04
by: Waffles
Actually, if you superglue each piece, its not delicate at all.
29-7-2007 at 10:47
by: Waffles
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