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Hydrogen bonds
I was refering the ionizable groups, but thank you anyway. I got it now, I just didn't realize the u ...
24-10-2006 at 22:27
by: Xque
Hydrogen bonds
Me and my friend was discussing what amino acid side chains can engage in hydrogen bonding.

Obvio ...
24-10-2006 at 10:58
by: Xque
Edman degradation vs. PMF
I'm starting to understand the methods of protein analysis, when one thing came to my mind...In dete ...
9-8-2006 at 01:34
by: Xque
Some genetics questions
Studying for my exam I have come upon some problems:

Regarding a population of Hardy-Weinberg equ ...
20-7-2006 at 02:52
by: Xque
Rubbing witches' broomsticks with alkaloids to produce a 'flying' effect
Now, there's a guy who knows his urine :P

[Edited on 1-6-2006 by Xque]
1-6-2006 at 01:45
by: Xque
"Bacteriological Peptone"
Great, congratulations :D Don't want to pry in your business, but may I ask what biosynthesis you ne ...
1-6-2006 at 01:21
by: Xque
Microbiology question
Thanks. Didn't you forget to multiply by 4/3 in your calculations though? This will result in the sa ...
4-4-2006 at 21:23
by: Xque
Microbiology question
lol, this is our first problem and I'm already having trouble. I never really liked math ;)

Anywa ...
4-4-2006 at 07:52
by: Xque
Hi. I'm readying up for my exam in genetics next week and working on some problems.Can I post here i ...
17-3-2006 at 06:05
by: Xque
A NMR difficulty
[quote][i]Originally posted by turd[/i]
Whoa, what kind of stone-age NMR is that? Are you still usi ...
14-3-2006 at 13:26
by: Xque
On the subject of toxicology...
I was browsing, when I stumbled upen this:
[url= ...
12-3-2006 at 08:05
by: Xque
A request:
Jerome J. Perry, James T. Staley, Stephen Lory - Microbial Life

[Edited on 12-3-2006 by Xque]
12-3-2006 at 03:00
by: Xque
Book of the Organics
[quote][i]Originally posted by yeti[/i]
It'll be some time before I get around to read it though. I ...
10-3-2006 at 00:17
by: Xque
Zn + acid gives how much hydrogen gas?
Of course. You almost never use that formula, so I didn't even consider it. Thank you!
25-12-2005 at 03:25
by: Xque
Zn + acid gives how much hydrogen gas?
Ok, I need some help here.

"How many litres of hydrogen will you get when 6.5 grams of zinc is di ...
24-12-2005 at 05:49
by: Xque
Luminous Glowing Bacteria - Homemade!!
You might want to look into [i]Pseudomonia ssp.[/i] too. There's several species which are flou ...
17-11-2005 at 06:51
by: Xque
BaSO4 sol. in HCl
I know this is probably extremely simple stuff for most of you, but I was a lazy ass in my younger d ...
14-11-2005 at 08:34
by: Xque
Equilibrium concentration of sulphate ions
Barium and strontium reacts with a 0.5 M solution of Na2SO4. Assume that 0,05 ml Na2SO4 has been use ...
12-11-2005 at 01:48
by: Xque
MgNH4PO4 + NaOH --> ?
Heya! First post, but you can surely expect more to come :D

Anyway. What's the outcome of th ...
8-11-2005 at 10:18
by: Xque

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